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Making visco-gel locks in vacuum?

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So... it seems making regular 2-cell visco-gel locks in vacuum isn't working as I was expecting. One picture for thousand words (vacuum vs oxygen):


All experiments were done using 200kg. It seems even 1g oxygen is enough for proper stacking. On the other hand - 151kg will stack properly in vacuum, but 152kg will spill. Several questions comes to mind:

  • Is this a bug or intended?
  • What game mechanic is involved?
  • Any practical way to deal with that other than moving to 150kg? By practical I mean possible for early colonisation of other asteroids, so solid visco-gel - not really.

Any help appriciated.

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A tile occupied with either a liquid or a gas cannot be occupied with another liquid or gas. So the stacking works fine if there is something in the adjacent cell, but the gel will just fall flat on the floor if it can spread to another cell. I guess thats your problem.

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@SharraShimada but nothing prevents oxygen to be pushed to other cell, as everything around is also oxygen, so I don't see how one-element mechanic can be applied here. Also, its not like fluids will spill everywhere is vacuum, AFAIK there is hidden viscosity-like property for all fluids that determines the flow - and visco-gel supposed to have it high enough to stack instead of spilling.

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10 hours ago, nessumo said:

Any help appriciated.

Naphtha + Visco Gel FTW...

In full honesty, I can't begin to try and reverse engineer why one wants to use as much as 100+ kg visco gel to make a 2 tile high liquid lock when building them out of the aforementioned combination is more than enough. 2kg of each is really sufficient, it prevents any accidents related to offgassing events.

The only times I use as much is when I actually when making 3 tile high liquid locks (not a hop liquid lock) and that is a rarely seen need.

My best recommendation is to make a dispenser rig to provide 2 kg puddles for the dupes to mop and then empty at the required location.

If the playthrough is at a level prior to obtaining visco-gel, then petroleum can provide a not so dupe-proof alternative that can save one's bacon in a pinch.

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Tempshift plates do pretty well for protecting locks as well. Naphtha also provides decent mass (at a suggested maximum of 35kg)

I'm all for avoiding dupe related hazards and support the idea of high mass in the locks to prevent that kind of accidents. Boiling a lock made of visco gel means there are high temperature items at sour gas boiler or magma levels... In such cases I'd go for broke and make a double hop lock with a full tile of crude at the bottom and active cooling, just because I don't trust dupes to be the stewards of caution:


Quick question, what happens if you use a mesh tile where the green arrow is pointing, this is in your vacuum setup:


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