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  1. Just to be clear: in DLC maps. I know it is available in vanilla :P
  2. Got Black Hole when starting game after update, maybe we should wait for their first coffee?
  3. Where did you get that? AFAICS you can still increase chance by tending Grubfruit.
  4. @Ipsquiggle I've tested deactivating DLC and it went without problems, although marking save files as invalid for given version could be improved.
  5. Even more reasons not to spam about it in alpha channel.
  6. @aresd, seriously, alpha is not for fixing text layouts... please stop.
  7. I see logo screen then it hangs (Application not responding) and is killed after few minutes. Logs attached. Simple reinstall from Steam didn't help. Force reinstall (fully delete game folders and install afresh) did help.
  8. Isn't it because it has no place for that? On this screen there is only one spot between batteries.
  9. WORKAROUND @jambell I've removed (/renamed) manually game folders ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/OxygenNotIncluded and ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Klei.Oxygen Not Included, installed fresh game, uploaded saves from backup - and it works! Seems this circular reference could be a problem. Hope it helps you.
  10. @jambell, the same problem reports by me in wrong bug tracker, reinstalling doesn't help. BTW, I was dwelling in installation folder and I found something strange: there is second level of package and circular link: I will try to remove everything manually and make fresh install.
  11. @Ipsquiggle, reinstalling didn't help. Geez, I've just realised that I reported that in vanilla instead of Space Out, sorry.
  12. @Ipsquiggle, I am unable to run game on OSX after this patch:
  13. It was working fine before the update. After: I've tried to run game directly - "The application “OxygenNotIncluded” can’t be opened.", log from this attempt attached.
  14. In vanilla clicking on resource on resource list was focusing screen on this resource and subsequent click were toggling between instances of this resource. DLC: nothing happens.
  15. For me it is important to unpause for a sec on windowed - have you done that?
  16. @fatheroctopus, I wanted to provide, but my Player.Log file was not updated since 15Nov, seems DLC is not logging anything there? (I've checked {{/Users/nessumo/Library/Logs/Unity}}, according to your instruction)
  17. Workaround: enter graphic settings, disable Fullscreen, apply, unpause, enter graphic settings, reenable Fullscreen, apply, Problem returns after every save load.
  18. After loading this update I have a problem: starting new map "reveals" whole map (but hovering outside shows "Unknown"). Loading save (new or old, no matters) shows back screen with "windows effect" on mouse move: Update: Messing with Fullscreen in graphic settings fixes the problem for this load. After loading new save problem returns.
  19. I love the idea and love the choice of blue color - that being said I can support changing the exact color value to be more distinctive.
  20. @Ipsquiggle, is this somehow related (fixing?) to "Enable Proximity" setting DISABLES OVERJOY RESPONSES bug?
  21. I strongly support "new complainers". 1-5* system was a big step, nicely backed up by jobs system. It was not easy to catch the idea at first, but that was really the only problem with it. It should be brought back, but probably with better interface and naming. Maybe instead of overlapping 1-5 numbers you could come up with som other markings that make understanding the order more intuitive? Current state is IMHO even worse that before the update, as "strong scientists" are again the meta and job system is neither in synergy with anything nor making the game more interesting - just more annoying. Please, bring it back Count the previous complainers, new ones and see that we are right. And that you were right, when you introduced 1-5*.