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  1. @wachunga, I am baffled why almost all people think that trickplays with bridges are always "simpler" than obvious automation Simplicity may be misleading - for example @Neotuck design has very little elements, but it is not easy to understand why it works for new players at first glance.
  2. All your "just three reservoirs 10K/s full flow no automation" designs have one very simple problem: they can fail if polluted water source is not continuous, important bit being - they can fail, therefore they will fail. Only some kind of automation (timer/sensor/reservoir - whatever) guarantees no germs ever.
  3. I was using it in my... like 20 last bases? No problems so far.
  4. Exactly. And shutoff is dealing with problem of water left in the pipes.
  5. If you don't need 10K throughput, you can use this simple design: Piping: polluted water comes from top main pipe through shutoff to reservoir, where is disinfected, cleaned in sieve, and leaves to the right. Automation opens door to disable reservoir for disinfection and opens shutoff for filling. Reservoir setting is (95,0), upper gate is 15s, lower gate is 150s. If you have only chorine in room it is 100% safe and bullet-proof. For max efficiency it is good to addd reservoir/pool for clean water to empty the system once water is cleaned. Since most time is consumed on filling/emptying reservoir, throughput is around 4.3K/s. You can also add second reservoir with similar design, both switching between filling/emptying on the same sieve to have doubled throughput around 8.5K/s, but I am playing on MiniBase now :)
  6. I love the idea and love the choice of blue color - that being said I can support changing the exact color value to be more distinctive.
  7. @Ipsquiggle, is this somehow related (fixing?) to "Enable Proximity" setting DISABLES OVERJOY RESPONSES bug?
  8. OMG, my big mystery solved! I've spent hours investigating that and running people's bases to find difference but didn't thought about this. Awesome work!
  9. It is because of green output of the bridge - it "pushes" the flow towards the input of the shutoff, opposite of what you want. If you put bridge between them to enforce the direction of flow you want it should work.
  10. @Xenotrix, could you please share any save where you see the balloons? Maybe by comparing it to mine I could discover something.
  11. @Tytan They have a kind of philosophy where your life and purpose is defined by your actions, therefore what name could be better? And who am I to deny them such philosophy? Anyway, I did test run without exosuits, with recroom around printing pod, until my food run out (and Architect-A, unfortunately, may he rest in piece). Still no signs of balloons, just many relieving themselves with rainbow flickering. Any other ideas?
  12. That would be very interesting mechanic (or a bug?). This overjoy already limits one-dupe-per-schedule system (I wonder if that was intended), if also atmosuits are off then probably I must rethink my designs. Or dupes.
  13. Anyone could explain me the trick with balloons overjoy? I've never seen them in my bases despite having many duplicates with good morales - any other overjoy I see regularly. I've found some patch notes saying something about fixing "space requirements for balloon stands", but I've tested running my base with some space in rec room, giving dupes a lot of downtime for a lot of cycles - no effects. Any idea welcome Some pics: Spacers and Farmers are exemplary Ballooners: