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  1. If you have whole map, thousands cycles and don't mind abusing pips - sure. Some people prefer to use game mechanics, not avoid them
  2. Don't think about space, but resources. Superspecialized Thimble Reeds are huge deal.
  3. It's not plants that are mutating, but seeds. I guess then can be later planted wild by pip.
  4. Yup, I guess that's the problem. I'll check if I can reproduce this without mods tomorrow maybe...
  5. I am using shine bugs, but... got two crashes, possibly at the moment strange seed is delivered to the research station.
  6. @zach123b can you please contribute your findings?
  7. You are right, I've missed that! Thank you for your contribution
  8. Haven't seen any. But if you find one, you will see seed enabled on Botanical Analyser: and after research you will see types/amounts of seeds on your farm:
  9. Just to be clear: in DLC maps. I know it is available in vanilla :P
  10. Got Black Hole when starting game after update, maybe we should wait for their first coffee?
  11. Where did you get that? AFAICS you can still increase chance by tending Grubfruit.
  12. @Ipsquiggle I've tested deactivating DLC and it went without problems, although marking save files as invalid for given version could be improved.