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  1. Since gameplay is typically hundreds of cycles and most players limit number of duplicants to 8-12 - I would say 95% or more is expected!
  2. I was doing bonus attributes table myself from observations, can confirm that reality matches this data Awesome work, thanks! @FIXBUGFIXBUGFIX it is N>R>SR>SSR>UR or different order?
  3. From my observations it is most probably Bottomless Stomach, Flatuent and Building Impaired. That's why screenshot is cropped Btw, I raise to 20!
  4. Just to be clear: in DLC maps. I know it is available in vanilla :P
  5. First: please clarify what you mean by max difficulty - is it just max settings or carnivore/locavore too? If no achivs, you have problems only first few cycles, when you don't have enough red seeds, but that can be mitigated by expanding and hunting critters/frost buns. Obviously, farming is your first priority. You can replenish bugs later if you save just one, and once you have enough seeds food isn't a problem. When going for achivs your best option is IMHO sweeties - there are many of them to start with and you can use starvation ranches effectively. Again - expanding for wild plans to deal with early cycles. Yes, this biome is slower. Slower, not harder. You can't get that many duplicants in early cycles (I suggest just 4 or 3 if you have good traits initially). And you must expand - wasteland (or whatever it is called) biome its friendly and has a lot of resources. Also, you must be smart when dealing with polluted water pools - it takes more time, but many can be dealt with without any soaking if you analyse mud and dig smart.
  6. Got Black Hole when starting game after update, maybe we should wait for their first coffee?
  7. If they get this additional skillpoint to distribute I would say it is OK-ish. You can print new duplicant with let say mechatronics, scrub him to get two points (one base + one from mechatronics) and make a rancher. But if so, then maybe just giving additional generic skill points instead of specific ones would be better. I understand it is probably different from original vision for this functionality, but on the other han is very unbalanced ATM with mechatronics skillpoint being very OP. Having just one additional skillpoint (or maybe second trait for two?) on start would be more versatile and more balanced IMHO.
  8. Where did you get that? AFAICS you can still increase chance by tending Grubfruit.
  9. @Ipsquiggle I've tested deactivating DLC and it went without problems, although marking save files as invalid for given version could be improved.
  10. Even more reasons not to spam about it in alpha channel.
  11. @aresd, seriously, alpha is not for fixing text layouts... please stop.