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Skin issue mega-thread

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12 hours ago, Dr. Safety said:

When Warly does his idle animation from the side, the bottom half of his torso uses the sprite of him facing away from the camera, like so:


Less so a skin issue and more of a sprite issue, but still

Clothes that are aprons often do that, it's horrible. Imagine Wes blowing up balloons in his idle animation while his lower limbs flip in reverse.

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I can't wait for the second wave of skin color correction to come through! 


Before you ask, the blue gift on the right is from the mod "[API] Modded Skins." It's compatible with "Mods in Menu" so you can view it from the curio cabinet.


And hopefully after that some compatibility with the skin color changes via head skins. Many a WX outfit has been ruined when a hand or foot skin is default WX colored while I'm wearing a Roseate WX skin.

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On 5/30/2022 at 1:59 PM, Nettalie said:

As much as I like threads that keep track of things like this, wouldn't it be better to report these as bugs?

Maxwell has a vampire skin. The one with the ponytail.

When you equipped a hat, its ponytail disappeared.

I reported. And corrected.

However, any item you equip on the chest is over the ponytail.

But when you turn it sideways you can clearly see that the ponytail goes over whatever he's wearing.

I wish I knew you could reverse something you bought with lines before you cracked that skin twice.

When I saw that that "defect" wasn't fixed I changed the skin for spolls.

Months later I decided to unravel it again to see if they had fixed it.

They didn't. I traded it again for spolls.

Now I just want to know about free skins.

every now and then Wigfrid also has problems like these due to her hair that doesn't fit in their helmets...

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