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What is your biggest, most recent, oopsie moment?

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Found out due to a few priority issues, my nuclear reactor had run out of fuel, and the steam had cooled down quite a bit already. So I fixed the priority issues and sure, my dupes delivered the enriched uranium to the hopper I was using for the fueling process. Of course since the steam had cooled down, it took a while for it to heat up again, and get the turbines spinning, which fed fresh water to the reactors to keep them from exploding.. needless to say, I had to train one of my digger dupes in corium mining, and had a lot of steam cleaning up to do.


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After a failed initial attempt at taming a Steam Geyser that left half my dupes hospitalized, I had a brilliant blast of insight! 


If I overpressure this steam geyser with oxygen, it won't erupt and scald the dupes I send to analyze it!

After vacuuming the chamber and pumping in O2, cue a second round of scalding the moment the dupes run inside--

...as all the steel equipment from the first attempt was still 500*, and all too eager to help the oxygen scald them! :lol:

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My Oopsie moment was seeing in the task manager that my save game consumes 22GB RAM :lol:

I want to build a new cpu PC in 2023, but I`m not yet sure if my system change will happen at the beginning or at the end of next year. Obviously I does not make real sense for me to play ONi on a system which has not at least got 64GB ( fast ) RAM.

I am really hoping for spreading fires in the game with DLC2, that would get me really fast in to building a new ONi cpu PC :ghost:

As initial current system upgrade, in 2023, I want to stick some RTX3080 in to the system for non-ONi stuff...I`m still running a dated gtx1060/6gb.

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That blob of liquid gold was my temperature sensor:


I was very careful selecting the materials for everything else but that. Now i have to manually activate the turbines by linking a sensor from outside to delete the excess heat.

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