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Wagstaff Character Refresh [Fan-made Mod]


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I'm proud to present a fan-made Character Refresh mod that changes a few of Wagstaff's existing items, remaking his weak stomach and adding new items to help him in the world of the Constant! Before I post here the details about all the new additions and changes I just want to mention that I am more of a writer than a coder or an artist, so you will see that most of these assets are taken from Don't Starve Together. I wish I could draw, but I can't and if I could request someone to draw art for this mod I would've already done so, but at the current state I am unable to request any art commissions, so I had to settle on using art from DST.

Details about Wagstaff's Character Refresh:

  • Wagstaff now loses 3 health on any raw food he eats, even if that food has a health value higher than 3 (e.x eating Raw Blue Caps / Glommer Goop will make him lose 3 health even though they restore 20 and 40 health respectively.)
  • Wagstaff now has new strings when eating cooked, dried, stale and spoiled foods.
  • Wagstaff only gains 25% of health from stale foods and loses -10% health from spoiled foods.
  • Wagstaff's curious nature about the creatures of the Constant have made him more impervious than most to its dangers:
    • Wagstaff loses 50% of sanity in the darkness
    • Wagstaff loses 75% of sanity from monsters.
  • Nearsightedness's blur effect has been slightly lowered to avoid causing eye-pain to Players.

Relating to Wagstaff's existing goggles and structures:

  • All of Wagstaff's goggles are unlocked by default.
  • Spectoggles cost 2 Gold Nuggets and 1 Pig Skin to craft.
  • Spectoggles last for 15 days instead of 10.
  • Any Goggle that Wagstaff has equipped when he dies will be kept in his inventory when he revives.
  • Visor provides 20% wetness resistance now.
  • Thumper now requires a science machine to the prototyped.
  • Thumper now has HD textures for its groundpound effect.
  • Telipad and Telebrella requires an Alchemy Engine to be prototyped.
  • The Telebrella's teleportation range has been slightly increased.
  • The Fryfocal's mechanics have been reworked:
    • The Fryfocals have been renamed to Electrofocals and its recipe has changed to [1 Spectoggles, 1 Restrained Electricity].
    • The Fryfocals deal 42.5 damage to enemies and when a targets get successfully hit all nearby enemies get hit as well.
    • Wagstaff has a new battlecry when attacking with Fryfocals.
    • The Fryfocals have 16 uses now and will not set enemies on fire.
    • The Fryfocals is considered an electric weapon. Wet enemies will suffer 106.25 damage, do note that only the enemy that has been targeted will suffer 106.25 damage all nearby enemies affected by the weapon's area attack will instead suffer a normal 42.5 damage.
    • If it's raining and the Player isn't wearing insulated clothing like Rain Coat or Snakeskin Jacket he will be shocked when firing and lose 8 health.
    • A video showcasing the changes made to the Fryfocals can be seen by clicking here.
  • The Infroggles will now highlight campfires and firepits and will be infrared (excluding their endothermic counterparts) and Ghosts are not considered "hot-blooded" entities.
  • Other characters are unable to use any of Wagstaff's gadgets except for the Thumper.

Bug Fixes:

  • Wagstaff can use Fryfocals and Spectoggles while riding a Beefalo now without going invisible,
  • Wagstaff uses the correct animations when firing Fryfocals while on a boat.
  • Wagstaff now uses the correct animations when using the Telebrella while on a boat.
  • Wagstaff's voice intensity works correctly now when on a boat.
  • Fixed a bug where using Fryfocals while raining will make Wagstaff be shocked twice instead of only once.


New items exclusive to Wagstaff:

  • Introduced the Electrostatic Capacitor an item crafted with [3 Gold Nuggets and 1 Cut Stone] in a Science Machine.
    • The Electrostatic Capacitor works as a one-use lightning rod and once struck by lightning will turn into Restrained Electricity.
      • The Electrostatic Capacitor can be hammered to return 2 Gold Nuggets and 1 Cut Stone back.
  • Introduced the Restrained Electricity an item that can only be obtained when lightning strucks an Electrostatic Capacitor
    • The Restrained Electricity can be used as fuel to recharge Fryfocals and Infroggles to 100%, using it as fuel will give the Player an Electrostatic Capacitor back, meaning a Player can use it again to charge it with lightning.
    • The Restrained Electricity is the basic material for crafting the Fryfocals, the Hollowgraphy Widget, and the Qualitative Journal.
  • Introduced the Stormspecs, new goggles that protect Wagstaff from lightning and will allow him to see clearly in the Fog of Hamlet and can be crafted with [1 Spectoggles, 3 Flint, 1 Electrostatic Capacitor]
    • The Stormspecs will last for 10 days and will lose 4% durability with each lightning strike and restore 8 sanity to the Player.
    • If the Player has an Electrostatic Capacitor in their inventory when struck by lightning the item will be replaced with Restrained Electricity.

A video showcasing the Electrostatic Capacitor, Restrained Electricity and Stormspecs can be seen by clicking here.


  • Introduced the Hollowgraphy Widget, an item that can be crafted with [2 Gears, 2 Transistors, 2 Restrained Electricity] in an Alchemy Engine.
    • The Hollowgraphy Widget is a nifty new gadget that will allow Wagstaff to create a Hollowgram of himself that will distract any hostile enemies (including Shadow Creatures) that are targeting Wagstaff or his companions.
    • The Hollowgraphy Widget takes 5 minutes to recharge and can be then used again, note: only Wagstaff can use this item.
    • The Hollowgram has 900 health and will teleport twice to a nearby location when his health reaches 66% and afterwards 33% and when he reaches 0 he will die. The Hollowgram will also despawn if it's not killed after 90 seconds.
    • The Hollowgraphy Widget cannot be used whilst indoors or on a boat, but it can be used while riding a Beefalo.
    • If you use a second Hollowgraphy Widget while a Hollowgram already exists in your world it will remove the old Hollowgram and spawn a new one.

A video showcasing the Hollowgraphy Widget can be seen by clicking here.


  • Introduced Wagstaff's Journal, a new weapon-esque book that will allow Wagstaff to efficiently kill nearby enemies, it can be crafted in an Alchemy Engine with the following ingredients based on what world you are in:
    • For Vanilla/RoG: 4 Marble, 3 Papyrus, 3 Restrained Electricity,
    • For Shipwrecked: 4 Obsidian, 3 Papyrus, 3 Restrained Electricity,
    • For Hamlet: 8 Iron Ore, 3 Papyrus, 3 Restrained Electricity.
    • The book can be used a melee weapon to deal damage based on the percentage of the book, at 0% it will deal 17 damage and at 100% it will deal 76.5 damage. The book's attack speed is also based on its percentage, at 0% it will be fast as any other weapon and at 100% it'll be 50% slower.
    • The Journal gains 1% durability from attacking enemies, 2% from attacking Shadow Creatures or Boss Monsters and some additional percentage if you kill the enemy.
    • The Journal can be read when it reaches 25% durability to deal damage to 12 enemies nearby.
      • The amount of damage is depended with the Journal's Durability, at 25% it will deal 51 damage and at 99% it will deal 201 damage
      • Once it reaches 100% it has been powered fully and will deal 400 damage to the enemies.
      • Once the book is read the durability will drop back to 0% and will not disappear and the Player will need to recharge it by hitting enemies.
    • The Journal also has different names depending on its percentage
      • "Wagstaff's Journal" is the name of the Crafting Recipe
      • "Blank Fieldnotes" at 0%
      • "Drafted Fieldnotes" from 1% to 24%
      • "Rudimentary Fieldnotes" from 25% to 49%
      • "Incomplete Fieldnotes" from 50% to 74%
      • "Well-Written Fieldnotes" from 75% to 99%
      • "Exhaustive Fieldnotes" at 100%

A video showcasing Wagstaff's Journal can be seen by clicking here.


  • Introduced the Respecrators, a new gas mask exclusive to Wagstaff:
    • Recipe: [1 Spectoggles, 1 Empty Bottle, 2 Coral] for Shipwrecked,
    • Recipe: [1 Spectoggles, 1 Cloth, 2 Cut Nettle] for Hamlet,
    • Works like a Gas Mask, it lasts for 4 days and perishes 8 times faster if equipped by characters other than Wagstaff.
    • Art made by <default>


The full extent of the mod so far has been written in detail above. Below I list some ideas that have been coded but have been scrapped during development for different issues, be it lack of coding knowledge or because I don't have any art to implement them.

Scrapped content:

  • Other characters other than Wagstaff will shrug and play a quote when trying to attack using Fryfocals. (This has been changed and the character will simple consider it a normal hat instead of a weapon)
  • Wagstaff was gonna have Winona's new idle animations but it was scrapped, you can see this idle animation a few times in the demonstration videos.
  • Wagstaff was gonna have Gummy Cake as his favorite food, giving him 175 Hunger with 0 health and 0 sanity loss.
  • Wagstaff has a new death animation that sees him glitching and disappearing, Wagstaff will not leave a skeleton behind. (Makes harvesting bone shards in a RoG or Vanilla exclusive worlds extremely difficult as it leaves the player to either harvest Tumbleweed in RoG whilst in Vanilla it is impossible)
  • Canopy Contacts, are new goggles for Wagstaff that will provide 100% waterproofness and are exclusive to Wagstaff, biggest penalty is that it will not protect him from lightning and will instead lose durability and health from it. (Making a new pair of goggles that are essentially a worse Eyebrella that will only allow him to counter his nearsightedness seemed counterintuitive to me, so they were scrapped. Nevermind the fact that I had no art assets for this item to begin with)

A link to the mod in the Steam Workshop can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2793208881


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Update 1.1.0 has been released. A huge thanks to PanAzej for drawing the art for the Respecrators:

  • Introduced the Respecrator:
    • New goggles exclusive to Wagstaff,
    • The work exactly like the Gas Mask but it has no negative sanity aura and it lasts for 4 days, note that it can be equipped by other characters but the mask will perish 8 times faster than normal.
  • The Hollowgraphy Widget cannot be used if you're near an already existing Hollowgram, you need to get some distance before you create a new Hollowgram,
  • Renamed the Qualitative Journal to Wagstaff's Journal,
  • Visor now provides as much waterproofness as the Football Helmet,
  • Astroggles now have a proper dripple effect when dropped on water,
  • Minor bug fixes.


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