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Performance Issues with Official Public Servers

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Not trying to be aggressive, I only wanted to create a discussion post to highlight some problems with the performance of the official servers.

It is surely now the best opportunity to bring these up with the release of the new official servers, which happened recently.

On occasion, the Caves shard will stop working, rendering the world “Forest Only”. See an example attached below from Spiders and Such from last week (w/c 14/3/2022).

Despite new, and presumably more enhanced public servers, this problem is unfortunately still occurring quite frequently.

As a consequence of how much content is locked behind Caves, such as the Ancient Ruins, the Pseudoscience Station, Archives, Celestial Champion and so on, people don’t even bother to come to these servers and they are quickly abandoned until the problem is resolved.


Are the developers aware of and planning to address this problem?

Feel free to mention other problems with performance you might have encountered and want to raise more awareness about below.


Will anything change? Who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

caveless world 1.jpg

caveless world 2.jpg

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It's too bad only a few people on these forums actually care about pub servers. As an avid pub server player I can say the old servers were much better at  handling lag, better at handling crashes, and performance wise better. Also it saved worlds even with a new update, these new servers don't. It's almost like they downgraded their servers.

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I've been seeing that the klei server hosts go red and cause issues a lot more frequently then before. Despite their inviting 12 player max cap, they appear to handle even 8 people worse than before. And it seems the improvement pointed out on the announcement post about cloud backups in case of crashes only concern central klei clashes and not the servers' own crashes. The Europe endless server of Koelephant Ears for example, crashed lat weel and it was out of commission till yesterday when it reset itself to day 1.

Here's hoping some improvements will be done soon concerning the new servers. They are supposed to be basstions of smooth connectivity experiences wherever on the world you might be but as things stand thry don't seem to perform very well.

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