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[Suggestion] Make sleeping items lose durability based on the time spent using them

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Have seen others bump their general suggestions because of the current beta branch, so I'll give it a shot.

Currently, when you use a sleeping item, it consumes one use, no matter how long you sleep. While this might sound useful, to allow long naps, it also makes these items not worth using when you cannot get the most out of them. I would suggest the change to make them lose their durability gradually, while you sleep. This way, you could use them a lot more often, without fearing that you waste a use, and would make them a lot more viable, where you could just take a short nap when you need, and not when it's worth it..

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as long as it doesnt make a tent less useful. theyre really good in caves because you could sleep as long as you want in them 6 times each.

and not a lot of ppl don't use them in comparison to eating food so im not suprised theyre changed. so maybe only wormwood would have a use sleeping. it prolly couldn't be worth the silk anymore imo if they had even less use..

they're often better in dont starve cuz it lets u heal quickly and automatically pass dusk/night no matter how much you ate.

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I think it would be better to set durability cost to be fix amount + time related amount.

for example, 5% + 1% per 10 seconds. At this rate, misclicks on tent cost 5%, recovering 100hp cost 10%, recovering 150hp cost 12.5%, recovering 200hp cost 15%.

or rate of 5%+1.5% per 10 seconds. At this rate, misclicks cost 5%, receiving 100hp cost 12.5%, receiving 150ho cost 16.3%, recovering 200hp cost 20% durability, which seems fair.

This can also prevents abusing Christmas tree unlimited sleep.

(the durability deduction should be applied after exiting the tent, so that tent of 1% durability can still be used and functioning normal.)

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