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Please add more actions when the crafting menu is open

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The new crafting menu is pretty impressive and immersive, and I've been liking it more and more as I familiarize with its features. I think overall it does a great job in replacing the old crafting interface without feeling too clunky. However, the one final feature it falls short from the old menu: Currently it's too limiting when the menu is open. One of the best features of the old menu was that it wasn't intrusive at all and you could do practically anything while you browsed through the crafting tabs. Currently the only action you're allowed to do while the menu is open is walking.

  • You cannot shift the camera using <Q> or <E>
  • You cannot pick up an item from the ground using space
  • You cannot continue fighting something by holding <F>
  • You cannot target an entity to attack using ctrl + <F>
  • You cannot engage in any labor using a tool and space
  • ...and more

I sincerely hope that this will be fixed and we will be allowed all these actions as we're browsing the menu. For many DST is a constantly active game where one desires the multitasking of browsing the crafting menu while cutting a tree or picking grass or just change the camera angle. I assume these limitations are partly due to the implementation of the search item feature. However I don't see a reason why players shouldn't be allowed to use their keyboard actions when they are not typing anything to the search bar.

Currently this is the only explicitly limiting part of the new menu and the only part where it's objectively inferior to the old one. As such, even though I stated this suggestion before, may I please bring this request to the developers' attention and ask for a solution? Thanks in advance dear developers.

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19 minutes ago, Hornete said:

Looks like the issue is known, so I imagine they're working on it :)

Oh thanks! Zarklord's "working as intended" reply threw a chill down my spine but here's hoping ScottHansen sees to it that this issue is fixed, not only for harvesting but for all possible actions.

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