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Hey there,

I'm working on a mod right now that will add a custom food item, internally called curry. It's technically fully functional except for one problem: It doesn't appear in the crock pot. I've tried all sorts of fixes, but I'm not sure I understand things. I've also found forum posts on it, like this one, but I don't understand it well enough to really implement it. Could someone help me figure this out, or at least explain the fix to me?

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You will need to post your code otherwise it's difficult to help you.

But from what I see, you probably also added the AddCookerRecipe in the prefab right? Then this is your problem, as AddCookerRecipe needs to be called in the modmain to work correctly, as the prefab has a different environment as the modmain.

So the way to go is to just move your AddCookerRecipe code into the modmain if you added it in the prefab.

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