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do someone have some way to increase performance and reduce lag?

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Some things:

Play with small amount of duplicants.

Avoid leaving tons of debris on the floor.

Don't ranch a lot of shine bugs (or other critters).

Don't reveal your map unnecessary.


But if the game lags from the very beginning I guess You can't do anything.

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Unfortunately, lags in this game cannot be completely removed. The developers made a fatal mistake choosing the wrong engine. At the very beginning, it looked like a good solution, fast and convenient development. But then more and more various mechanics began to be added to the game during the development process (physical simulations of gases, liquids, temperatures, moving objects through pipes and conveyors, electricity, automation, AI of animals and duplicants, etc.). And now we have come to a situation where the selected engine cannot cope with all these tasks, regardless of the configuration of computer hardware.

The only solution is to limit yourself as much as possible, as the sheaker said: less duplicants, less animals, less debris, etc.


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The game speed scales to this list https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html and I recommend 32gb ram ( 16 gb minimum ). You can lookup your cpu in the list to see where you stand my dear friend :p

If someone plays mobile, then its best to play with the mains power plug, to remove the battery and to cool the device well. Mobile CPU`s tend to rank 20-40% slower than their desktop versions.

Fresh loaded save, large dlc classic map, 1 colony fully excavated ( ~20% "built up" ), not visited other asteroids:


Playing longer with this save file the ram use will go up to 18gb here. Excavating multiple large map colonies and building a lot will make ram use rise go higher.

The more ram your save file uses, the more important ram speed and board bus speed and architecture will also get. However, the cpu ( and its cache sizes ) is the main motor for the ONI party.

4 years ago the base game used to start on my system by allocating 4gb ram. More DLC`s please dear Klei :ghost: Need burning and spreading fires in the game + fire fighting, that would be great. :bee::congratulatory: Hot action !

2026: Perhaps my save will use 64 GB RAM after munching up more DLC`s :lol:

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