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ONI - together 2


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  1. 1. how will you play?

    • Not interested
    • I will share my savefile and ask for help
    • I will check couple savefiles
    • I will try to improve somebody's base(s)
    • I will share my and try to improve in same time

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I got new idea and new attempt about ONI together. Now it will be turn-based.

Idea is simple, I will provide website, where you will be able to upload your savefile, and request to do something. After it, anybody will be able to download your savefile, play and upload it back, where you will be able to see changes (or not). So, it will look like a tree, where root is your original savefile, and branches is  other saves. Then you choose savefile, which you like, and it become new source of truth.

It is pretty easy in implementation, but of course it will take time. So, I want to collect statistics from poll, and decide about implementation if I will see enough votes. 

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I want to give other players new challenges, by "modifying" their base and environment :congratulatory:

Once we have trains in the game, players could send resources to each other through the train-gateway-colony-tunnel :adoration: Important is that there is enough clearance at the tunnel entrances, as the colony trains run over everything...Chuuuuu chuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ! Is the ONi mutiplayer patch out :confused::confused::confused: I`m ready ! Also, station signals and train elevators ! Chuuu chuuuuuuuu, lets become train !

Warning, warning - The ONi mp patch can affect FPS @cpy Raaaaaaaaaaaaah !

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No, If it was player take turn to play then maybe? I guess ?
Because when it will be like branch based only one branch will pass and other branches will go to waste which is not a good idea.

If you some how come up with a mod like Clusterio that would be another story.

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