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maxwell rework ideas?

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With all the Wanda debate, I'm pretty sure Wanda is just a scrapped Maxwell rework idea that the devs thought was good but ultimately not for Maxwell.

-Would love to see shadow puppets with more versatility AND the ability to easily switch them around so you're no longer left with two choppers and one digger when you need to mine. Some ideas for new puppets/abilities:
--Gardener. Tills, digs up weeds and rotting plants, and can talk to the plants but that makes them Worse.

--Player controllable Shadow Duelist with high damage and dash ability. It's expensive in cost and you better make sure Maxwell's real body doesn't die.

--Organizer? Places items in chests with signs of said item near it.

-Massive Sanity Regen back. With the lunar isles this is now and good and a bad thing.

-Max HP, Hunger, and Damage Buff should get lower for using shadow magic too much. Can be reversed.

-Would like to see some sort of interaction with other players to convey that he's sorry. Maybe a protective Shadow Puppet he can cast on other players?

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9 hours ago, thesooz9000 said:

i'd make the night helmet 90% and not 95% , and (715 durability? up for debate on this one) and your suggestion of 50% less weapon damage would make the only playstyle of fighting the holding multiple swords, you would need to hold 2 dark swords minimum to, other things i somewhat agree with, also rework minions

I thought about having the night helmet be 90% instead of 95%, but yeah I think you're right, especially given Maxwell should not be having advantages over other survivors in terms of defense. Maybe even 85% but with a cheaper crafting recipe but idk.

As for the floating weapons, I have a better idea. Scrap the idea of 50% less damage but also only let him float one shadow weapon, but make it so that the floating weapon cannot be cancelled, so you can do an attack and immediately cancel it to move back, and your floating weapon will still get 1 hit in. Getting hit also wouldn't cancel it. If this is too OP maybe make it so that enemies hit by floating weapons don't go into their hurt animation but still take damage?

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On 2/5/2022 at 11:42 AM, Ohan said:

Codex Umbra can manipulate the fabric of the Constant and open wormholes for fast travel.

I’ve been thinking, what if instead a new perk, he can use Wanda’s back step and backtrek watches? He can use wicker’s books, and Wanda’s watches are very related to shadow magic.

Maybe he would lose some sanity when using them, unlike Wanda. And of course he won’t be able to craft them or place anchors, just use those two.

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new type of shadow puppets and a downgrade of the codex umbra for a progression

-you spawn in the world with "the research of maxwell "(a worst version of codex umbra)
-"the research of maxwell" can be equipped and used for give orders to the shadows (like the abigail flower but more complex) like: scatter , work , figth and decraft
-the new shadow puppet "multitask " is literally spawn a wes and make him work but the thing is you can give any equippable item
-for make a codex umbra you need the prestihatitator, 3 papyros, 1 tell tale heart, and "the research of maxwell" that give you the access to the normal shadow puppets
-in shadow manipulator you can make a objects for buff your shadow puppets and crafth a paper sheet with the command pick  and the comand supplant
-"suplant" is to manually control a shadow, but it leaves your character vulnerable to attacks
-in the Ancient Pseudoscience Station you can finally upgrade the codex umbra to the new version or something, what give to the shadows the golden version of every tool and tulecitas  weapon


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