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They should add Shipwrecked and Halmet to DST

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4 hours ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

good news! there is already a sea snd boats in dst. Check the science tab 

klei is already adding dlc stuff but refreshed to be more interesting

Still needs more though, it wasn’t the boats that made Shipwrecked fun.. it was having places to sail to to experience new biomes & content spread throughout the sea.

And so far there’s only been like 1/2 biomes you can get off the boat and experience on foot added out there: Lunar Island & the other two significantly less interesting areas: Pearls Island & the empty Beaches with washed up prehistoric fish.

Everything else has been content designed with you staying on the boat.

And staying on the boat is slow and incredibly boring…

Essentially all your doing is standing on a moving wooden platform, that’s it.. your still experiencing “Land Content” but while being fooled into thinking your boat actually matters and feels like new content-

When the reality of that is it’s just NOT.. there’s only so much Klei can do with the deck of a wooden boat, meanwhile if they created an area I can get off the boat and explore on foot, I don’t know maybe a frozen icy tundra where the ground is covered in Ice & your characters glide across its surface sliding on ice.. these are all features that require us to abandon the boat platform and experience on foot.

Which while yes: Boats had been a large part of DS Shipwrecked, the majority of gameplay still took place on land.

And hopefully soon Klei realizes that- because in my personal opinion the Boat Cookie platform is starting to feel like the Batmobile in Batman Arkham Knight (Aka overused in areas of the game it doesn’t even belong in because the developers fell in love with their new precious feature & wanted it shoved anywhere & everywhere they possibly could to the point that fans ended up hating the thing by the end of the game.)

Its okay to have a little bit of content you engage with without leaving the boat… but I want new experiences that a wooden moving platform aren’t going to provide to me.

As for Hamlet: I really just want it’s RNG mob encounters, hostile walking plants & booby trapped temples.

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It would bring a wind of change to the drab colors of RoG/together map. Besides shipwrecked and hamlet are perfect for multiplayer, shipwrecked maps are giant, and hamlet has like seperate 6 islands. Please Klei. Oh and it might mean that the bugs still present in SW/HAM will actually get fixed, autumn fight music in aporkalypse is just ;-;

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Hamlet and Shipwrecked. That would be very nice, but I think it's unlikely that klei would do that. But I would definitely buy it if they released it. They could do a poll or a vote, or donate to see the players who want to play. 

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