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Public servers with minimum hours played requirements?

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I've been playing alot of pub servers lately because I've been wanting to play with some other people outside my friends group and I've encountered some good players that know what they're doing but also a lot of griefers/noobs that just ruined the fun for everyone. I was thinking the solution to this problem could be making a public server with a minimum hours played requirement of maybe like 300 hours, that way we could avoid new griefer accounts and the beginners could play on the normal public servers and learn for themselves. Thoughts?

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19 minutes ago, ALCRD said:

Seen notorious griefers with more hours than that.

Also nothing stops them from idling their way into such servers. You won't believe to what lenghts people can go just to troll others.


100%. There's this one guy who, at least 5 different times, has joined servers I'm on and spent literal hours just waiting for the kick cooldown to expire so he can join again and start spamming the chat and get kicked again. If people are willing to waste hours and hours of their time not accomplishing anything just trying to grief then people are going to be willing to leave their computer on overnight a couple of times. 300 hours isn't even that much, you can get that from a brand new account that's never opened the game before in less than 2 weeks.

Edit: Also, Steam's new default privacy settings hide your hours. Would the servers even be able to tell? Would that server just filter out everyone who either hasn't changed or prefers that setting? I don't think this server would accomplish anything good. If you don't want griefers I would suggest hosting your own server or joining a moderated server.

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@CatchySong  I'm burned out playing on private worlds with people I know. I like the random player aspect of pub servers. Also the fact that noone has admin commands on pub servers makes it more fun because you actually gotta grind out something


@Cheggf At least it will filter out the noobs that can't even make meatballs, also we can increase the min requirement to like 500 or something. IDK, just spitballing and I think it's worth a try.


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