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Radbold Chamber + Materials Study Terminal | Automation setup

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I want to use the Storage for the Radbolds and let them release some if the Research building needs new fuel.
this is the current setup.

there is a automation output from the Research building wich indicates if the Storage is full. but while researching it will never send a green signal and will send the set amount wich is set in the Radbold Chamber. 

after some tinkering I've made some working prototype. but still in developement.

  • it includes a loop, so you won´t loose the radbolds
  • a motion sensor for detecting dupe, for savety reasons
  • a Xor gate and a not gate
  • the radbold ammount is set to 51 and will loose 1 or 2 while looping
  • it will still trigger 1x if research started (bug I have to fix)



do you have suggestion or better a other solution for this?

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8 minutes ago, sakura_sk said:

Isn't an AND gate needed instead of an XOR to prevent the loop from the Material study terminal to hit passing dupes?

no! with and AND it would be always green.
Storage of research station is full + Dupe is not present = green signal for the Storage. it would loop forever.
Also, it would never send Radbolds if the Research station has not enough radbolds.
But I've got a fix for the 

  • it will still trigger 1x if research started (bug I have to fix)



here a live demonstation https://streamable.com/spuftb
I guess, this is one solution.

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