Allow us to purchase the new Terraria inspired skins please

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The new set of Terraria inspired skins are simply amazing, out of this world one might say. But in order to unlock all of them one needs ridiculous amount of spools even after obtaining 6 of them as a login bonus.

So simply an option purchase them as a pack like most other skins would be so nice.

Or if you really dont want them to be sold for real money at least make it so we can get them in klei rewards page.

Making it so you get another Terraria chest as a login bonus if you have Terraria in your Steam library would be a good option too. 

Basically anything that will make it a little bit easier to get thoose incredible skins please. 

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You can purchase them for money. Steam players can buy items on the community market (current prices are 12.5 spools per cent for distinguished and 25 spools per cent for heirloom elegant) and console players can buy other skin bundles. I haven't done any math on which skin bundle is the best because there's no way it compares to the SCM.

You can also get them in the rewards page because one of the rewards is a big bundle of spools.

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