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Rubberbanding and dropping connection as host

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I recently played some solo worlds, and everytime a new day starts, my connection would drop from good to bad (green to red). And when there are too many mobs on the screen, it would also happen, thus resulting in heavily rubberbanding. I thought it was my internet and decided to switch to offline solo world. Nope, everything still the same, wigfrid dies just by walking through the bee biome or the spider ring set piece. 

I locate in Vietnam, and heres my speedtest (although I dont think this has anything to do with offline world)image.thumb.png.7a3e96b2f43a747a01a9605410b6e112.png

Any suggestions for me to improve on this problem? TIA.

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Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the game? Seems like one of my friends had similar problems that began around the Waterlogged update: insane rubberbanding, especially with many entities on the screen. When we played I was hosting the game, but we even tried transferring the game files and he reported that it didn't make any difference when that he was hosting the game.

He tried both the 32 / 64-bit versions of the game on his few year old Intel i5 system, which was running some 64-bit version of Windows. According to him he only used some client-side mods, which he turned off for the sake of troubleshooting, but the problem persisted. We are still not sure what caused the game to behave like that and the problem remains unresolved. Long ago it seemed like his machine could handle DST without this sort of performance loss.

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My computer from 2019 has zero issues with rubberbanding, even if the screen is cluttered with bees and frogs and structures and bunnymen. Something else must be going on with the affected computers. Autosaving the world should only cause momentary lag at most on an adequate machine, according to me.

Have you tried the 'threaded render' launch parameter? Have you tried playing around with setting the CPU affinity (https://www.thewindowsclub.com/processor-affinity-windows), or disabling any cores / changing any CPU settings in the BIOS? What about the speed of your hard drive, like suggested above..?

Since my machine is not running Windows and I don't have the aforementioned problem I haven't been able to troubleshoot it. T_T



Corrected typos.

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11 minutes ago, lakhnish said:

Are you using mods?

nothing on server mod, I use only popular client mods: action q, announcement and combine status.

please salvage my situation mr lakhnish

2 hours ago, Handsome_Jack said:

same except for disconnect. since new pause update when world saves my character forcefully moves in his  direction last moving for 10 seconds

ya ya, this is exactly what I mean. The rubberbanding happens for 7-10 sec every save time. Sadge

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1 hour ago, lakhnish said:

Did you set DST to use the nvidia gpu in the nvidia control panel?

yes ofc course! 


36 minutes ago, Captain_Rage said:

Although the problems described in the link don't sound identical to your problem their tweaks could be worth a try: https://steamcommunity.com/app/219740/discussions/2/152392786908822021/)

I'll try it out

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