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Heavy fish fishing is just unfair and Pearl's trading on it is terrible and you know it.

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The thing is - I can just get 8 kelps by farming a load of them and hang out at her island for the rest of summer to keep drying them to get more shells when I need them, but the situation of trading things like fish - is bogus and terrible.

Pearl asks for 4 heavy fish of any kind that's from the ocean specifically to trade for a single bundle of 3 shells and 1 honey, the heavy fish randomness is pretty unfair to say the least and working my buttocks off just to get a bundle occasionally is not worth my time or anyone else's.

1. Think of which wish should be categorized as 'more commonly heavy' and 'less commonly heavy', considering that there's difficulty in fishing certain ones, I feel like it should be also fair for the player to go for them specifically if they want to focus on using them to do trades.

2. Reduce how many fishes to give to Pearl, or at least add some kind of specific mechanic to her trades like - giving more fish at that moment you'll need to give less and less down to 1 heavy fish for bundle of thanks to make it worthwhile overall to trade it all in one day. Weird mechanic, but it could be cause Pearl likes you and your trades at that moment to do those kinds of trades. STONKS!

3. Fattening up the fish. Yep. Use another food source - kelp, barnacles, meat, anything - to fatten up school of fishes. Maybe Fish Food should do that or something, but anything works, really.

All I want is more shells >:(

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