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Atmo suit checkpoints are super broken in the DLC

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Am I missing something here? 

For most of the space travels we need to have Atmo suit checkpoint like Fig 1: 
But it never works correctly. Duplicants either ignore it, or they won't even enter the rocket unless I disable the checkpoint. See Fig 2 and Fig 3.


Fig 1.Camile ignores the suit requirement no matter what.


Fig 2.She passed it without suit when the clearance is "always"


Fig 3. She passed it without suit when the clearance is "vacancy"

I think this one needs an immediate fix since it affects the core of the space travel mechanics.


  • I have frequent crashes when using the teleporter.
  • The new liquid input port never works the first time and needs to reload the game to work.
  • FPS is also low.

I hope the upcoming patches focus on fixing bugs and improve the performance of the game.


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I've encountered the same problem with the atmo suit checkpoint built right next to the rocket interior hatch not working. It seems like the duplicants will take off a suit when entering, but not put one back on when leaving. It does work properly when the atmo suit checkpoint is one cell away from the hatch, but that's not necessarily where I want it. Also, the atmo suit docks don't have an "empty storage" button, so if you want to deconstruct a atmo suit dock, all 200 kg of oxygen goes into the spacefarer module, and you've got some popped eardrums. So I've completely stopped adding atmo suit checkpoints and docks to the spacefarer module, and just manually have the dupes take off and put back on their atmo suits. It's annoying, but it also frees up quite a bit of space.

Also, on the planet that I've teleported to, I setup atmo suit docks there as well. I've got an "inside / outside" setup going, so that duplicants have an interior section that has their beds, toilets, etc, and to go to the outside they have to go past an atmo suit checkpoint with the clearance set to "Vacancy Only". Now that this planet is setup, the few dups that I've left behind there are often idle, and for some reason they choose to be idle right on the same cell as the atmo suit checkpoint was built. This is causing erroneous "Trapped" messages to pop up, since one duplicant will leave the interior to do a routine task and then think he can't get back inside, even though there is an empty atmo suit dock available.

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