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  1. Yup, I do. I usually create a fair number of "general purpose" storage compactors with priority 5, sweep only selected, and most stuff selected including selecting the checkbox for the entire "raw materials" category. You are right that another solution would be to de-select regolith for those storage compactors, but it's a bit of a pain if there's lots of them, plus I'm sure I'll forget to do it with all the excitement of breaching the top of the map. Also, there's often other stuff like igneous rock and granite that gets hot due to meteor impacts that I really just want to get swept up, preferably into the closest storage compactor.
  2. I do see your point here, but I don't think user input errors should be part of the challenge of the game. There should always be the opportunity to cancel something before it is built. If something doesn't function as I expect after it is built, then that's where the making mistakes and learning from them should come from. Challenges from user input failures are more for games like first person shooters, where failing to duck or shoot at exactly the right time can cost you. I usually do leave enough space for transit tubes when planning out the space usage in the early game, but inevitably I need to take out a chunk of ladder here and there to get the transit tubes where I want them to go, and it looks ugly. I was thinking more along the lines of a ladder crossing option like there is for tiles, not necessarily the ability to build a length of transit tube underneath a ladder or anything like that. Agreed. The problem I was actually having is that I built a bunch of storage compactors on the top of the map in space, and wanted the dupes to put all the hot regolith in those storage compactors, since it was heating up the top of the map too much. Instead, they ran all over the place and put it storage compactors located in the interior section of the base (where the beds, dinning hall, etc are located), and heated up that section. I suppose I could have lowered the priorities of the storage compactors in the interior section, but then if I want to put stuff in those storage compactors, I've got to increase the priority of them again. I usually end up increasing the priority of the storage compactors where I want the regolith, but I only mean to do this temporarily and I often forget to change them back, or miss changing back one out of a group of them. If you want to have them fill up storage compactors located far away from your base, you can use priorities to control that, since I think you'd likely be doing stuff like that less often than ordinary clean up. Perhaps a better solution would be to have classes or groups of storage compactors, and you can make changes to the priority and other settings of a whole group all at the same time. Usually in the mid to late game, I'll have over 100 storage compactors all over the map, and managing them can be a pain. Good idea. Perhaps a smoke detector could be a new sensors that is hooked up to something that drops water on the fire.
  3. So I went on another weeks long bender playing this game, and like last time I kept a pen and paper handy to jot down notes when I thought of an idea for the game or noticed a bug. I also passed this milestone: Requests: Smart refrigerator: The logic output on the existing refrigerators is almost useless since partially eaten food items can be placed in it, making it close to full and full enough that no more food will be added to it, but the logic output is still on standby. It would be great if the logic output on a refrigerator could be controlled the same way as smart batteries are controlled, where there is a certain percentage to turn on and off at. I think the same could apply to the smart storage as well. I've noticed that sometimes when I am drawing pipes, they sometimes automatically complete if there is only a small section to build. I think it would be better if it always required duplicant action to complete a pipe (or anything else), even if it doesn't require any resources. This would give me the opportunity to cancel it before it is built. I ran into a situation where I was trying to build a pipe in between two other pipes, and the mouse wobbled around on me and I ended up connecting an existing pipe with petroleum in it to an existing water pipe, and ended up with petroleum in my water tank. It would be helpful to set a storage compactor to "auto-sweeper only", so that it only accepts items from an auto-sweeper. When a rocket lands, the astronaut should get out and rejoin the colony if a gantry is available and extended. When using the new "copy" function, it would be great if that function also copied whether or not auto-repair is enabled or disabled. Steel should be in "Refined Metals", not "Metal Ore", also ceramic should be in "Manufactured Material", not "Raw Mineral". It would be wonderful if duplicants wouldn't perform any tasks (building, deconstructing, etc) while standing in an open door. I'd like to have a way to disable auto-repair or auto-disinfect for a large area or over a long length of pipe or something along those lines. It would be helpful to have a way to have a transit tube and a ladder or fire pole cross over each other. When adding a new exosuit checkpoint, the arrow in the outline of the exosuit checkpoint can be hard to see what direction it is going. When a duplicant puts something in a storage compactor, it would be great if it was placed in the closest storage compactor that can accept the item instead of running all over the map and placing it somewhere random. When I click one of the arrows in the dialog box for a storage compactor to expand a category (like the "Metal Ore" one for example), it goes back up to the top of the list. It would be better if it stayed where it was. Graphs of the data in the reports over time and perhaps some other data could be helpful. It might be helpful if we could add custom text labels to switches, liquid and gas valves and similar controls to label what they are for. Add a notification icon of some sort (similar to the red X for gas vent over pressure) for when a switch, gas or liquid valve setting has been changed but a duplicant has not yet made the change (so the change is pending). Suggestions: Add liquid cooling for Robo-Miners, similar to how the metal refinery works. This way, Robo-Miners could be used in space without having to de-construct and rebuild them all the time. Perhaps add "Doctor" to the professions. The doctor could heal duplicants faster. Leave an outline or something along those lines to show the space a launched rocket is occupying. It seems like the rocket is still there in some way after it is launched as you can't build anything in the space where it will land, which makes sense. Add a duplicant presence sensors that detects if a duplicant is present in a room, or a motion sensor. New Rooms: - Kitchen: Requires food producing building (electric grill or microbe musher), food storage (ration box or refrigerator), and sink and cooks food faster and/or higher kcal or moral values. - Factory: Requires metal refinery or glass forge or some refinement building and produces its product faster. - Laboratory: Requires research station, super computer, or virtual planetarium and does research faster. Add Alarms to the game. A device that looks similar to a fire alarm could be added that would have a logic input. When it goes to active, the screen could flash red and a custom notification (entered into a text box when the alarm is created) could be displayed. Add an auto-sweeping / auto-mopping function for rooms, so that duplicants will automatically sweep or mop certain rooms. Add a circuit breaker to the game. This would automatically switch off if the wattage going through it goes over the value it is set to, and would require duplicant action to turn it back on. This could be used to prevent overloads in hard to reach areas. Add a wattage sensor to the game. The logic output becomes active if the wattage in the wire it is built over top of goes over a certain value. Add a logic output to the steam engine, liquid fuel tank, and liquid oxidizer tank that goes active when they are full. Add a "dump site" to the game, similar to the critter drop off. This would be a place where stuff that is swept up by duplicants would be dropped off instead of being placed in a storage compactor. I can do something similar to this by building a storage compactor, having duplicants put stuff in it, then emptying out, and repeating that over and over, but that's annoying. To make the game more challenging: - Add fire or explosions to the game. Perhaps if something like a battery or transformer is sparking in a room filled with natural gas, kaboom! - Add natural disasters to the game, like asteroid quakes. - Make light more important. Perhaps duplicants perform their tasks more slowly without light. Bugs: (These are either bugs or I am not understanding an aspect of the game) When a rocket lands, the astronaut sometimes falls out, then climbs the ladder and goes back into the command capsule. When a vent or geyser has been analyzed, it has a button that says "analysis complete" that doesn't do anything.That should probably just be text. Mousing over the "Starmap" button in the upper right corner says "Manage Austronaut Rocket Missions (R)", but (R) this the shortcut key for research, and (Z) is the shortcut key for the starmap. It seems like I've randomly lost some of my "data bank". For interstellar research I have 398 of 400 for Liquid and Gas Cargos after the virtual planetarium used up all the data banks it had, yet data banks come in packages of 50, so it seems like it should always be an even multiple of 50. In the notifications on the upper left side, I see "Ready to Land" and when I mouse over it, I see "A space craft is ready to land - Save Game". Clicking the notification takes me to the printing pod. Mesh tiles don't seem to heat up with hot regolith on them, but normal tiles do. I noticed a floating progress bar after I deconstructed a telescope. A transit tube access point with no plastic transit tube connected to it says "insufficient power" even though it is connected to a sufficient source of power. It should only say "No tube connected". I have the top of my map setup so that robo-miners clear away regolith from meteors, but I am sometimes experiencing a situation where they continually try to clear the same chunk and it never goes away. Thanks.
  4. Seems logical to me that the decision about what storage compactor to put a chunk of granite in could be made after the duplicant picks up the chunk of granite as opposed to when it gets assigned the task. I do use the priorities on the storage compactors to control where a duplicant puts stuff that is swept up, but sometimes I forget that I cranked up the priorities on certain storage compactors and then future sweep operations end up putting stuff in a far away storage compactors.
  5. Storage Compactor

    " Just build a compactor, transport the eggs, deconstruct the compactor " Another option is to just de-select the checkbox next to the type of critter egg that you don't want in the storage compactor, and that egg will be ejected out in front of the storage compactor. You can immediately re-select the checkbox if you want, but eventually a duplicant will put the egg back into the storage compactor unless you have it set to "sweep only". " Storage compactors most certainly do work under water " I like to keep one or two submerged in my "interior base" water supply, set to only allow ice (never polluted ice) and priority 4. This way duplicants will gather ice when they're not doing anything else which keeps the water nice and cold.
  6. Thought I'd share this map seed in case anybody is looking for a map with 5 water sources and 3 AETNs. Two water sources and a natural gas geyser are right near the start. The spoiler below describes where everything is.
  7. Hatches burrow into tile

    I'm seeing this too. I have a hatch burrowed on top of tile. All I did was build the tile where the hatch was already burrowed.
  8. I think they should be selectable in the normal view. While in the normal view, I can select a tile and cycle through all the things on the various layers on that tile, like piping, wires, etc, so I think tempshift plates should be part of that cycling as well.
  9. As you can see in the screenshot, I have moused over 0.27 Pincha Peppernuts, and have 24.78703 in total. Am I supposed to be able to have a fractional number of Pincha Peppernuts? I've also seen a similar problem with Mealwood seeds as well.
  10. Thanks ... I did see 2000g in the contents part of the information tab, but it seemed to stay at 2000g. Also, I usually have to place a gas pipe bridge or something with a green output arrow on it, otherwise gas doesn't flow, but perhaps that isn't the case with gas that is already inside the device. In this particular case, I had the room filled with CO2, and the anti entropy device was liquefying and solidifying the CO2, which was causing a huge problem for my sleet wheat farm. I'll upload the save game file when I get a chance. I actually managed to pause it when it flipped away from saying "Too Cold". It is saying "This building is using Hydrogen from storage at a rate of 0 kg/s"
  11. An Anti Entropy Device is continuing to operate even after I have de-constructed the pipe supplying it with hydrogen. I have tried re-connecting the pipe and setting a gas valve below it to zero, but that doesn't fix it. I am unable to stop the Anti Entropy Device without disabling it. I have let the game run for more than 20 cycles and it is still running. Screenshots: In that screenshot, the Anti Entropy Device says "Too Cold", but it is running and switches to saying that it is cooling, but I can't get a screenshot of that. Notice in that screenshot, there is no pipe connected between the green output of the gas valve below the Anti Entropy Device and the white input of the device itself. It was previously there when I had the device running, but I've de-constructed it and the device kept working.