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  1. Hello. I have a map I've been playing for quite a while now. I started it around the quality of life upgrades, so maybe the map is too old, but I hope not. There doesn't seem to be any particular action that causes it to happen, seems to be pretty much random, but it does seem to have started happening after the last update. Also, I attempted to send in the report, but after about 10 minutes it is still saying "Reporting, Please Wait", so not sure if that is working either. I've attached the save to this report. JupiterPark-MakingLH+LOH Cycle 1762.sav (1).sav
  2. Hatches burrow into tile

    I'm seeing this too. I have a hatch burrowed on top of tile. All I did was build the tile where the hatch was already burrowed.
  3. I think they should be selectable in the normal view. While in the normal view, I can select a tile and cycle through all the things on the various layers on that tile, like piping, wires, etc, so I think tempshift plates should be part of that cycling as well.
  4. As you can see in the screenshot, I have moused over 0.27 Pincha Peppernuts, and have 24.78703 in total. Am I supposed to be able to have a fractional number of Pincha Peppernuts? I've also seen a similar problem with Mealwood seeds as well.
  5. Thanks ... I did see 2000g in the contents part of the information tab, but it seemed to stay at 2000g. Also, I usually have to place a gas pipe bridge or something with a green output arrow on it, otherwise gas doesn't flow, but perhaps that isn't the case with gas that is already inside the device. In this particular case, I had the room filled with CO2, and the anti entropy device was liquefying and solidifying the CO2, which was causing a huge problem for my sleet wheat farm. I'll upload the save game file when I get a chance. I actually managed to pause it when it flipped away from saying "Too Cold". It is saying "This building is using Hydrogen from storage at a rate of 0 kg/s"
  6. An Anti Entropy Device is continuing to operate even after I have de-constructed the pipe supplying it with hydrogen. I have tried re-connecting the pipe and setting a gas valve below it to zero, but that doesn't fix it. I am unable to stop the Anti Entropy Device without disabling it. I have let the game run for more than 20 cycles and it is still running. Screenshots: In that screenshot, the Anti Entropy Device says "Too Cold", but it is running and switches to saying that it is cooling, but I can't get a screenshot of that. Notice in that screenshot, there is no pipe connected between the green output of the gas valve below the Anti Entropy Device and the white input of the device itself. It was previously there when I had the device running, but I've de-constructed it and the device kept working.