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Ali's Off-Topic Art Thread


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Ello, decided to make an off topic art thread because I have a bit of off topic art to show and started watching Wander Over Yander (my new comfort cartoon) and probably will be drawing a bit of that. Still will be attending my dont starve art thread

so ill just make a few hidden posts for few fandoms or original art stuffs to go in (ill also hide this one drawing thats a bit gorey in the cuphead art)

Wander Over Yonder




I don't know if this one was more rushed or not, but I really wanted to draw Command Peepers in different expressions. I love him so much as a character as his personality is amazing, his friendship is odd, and he is voiced by Tom Kenny (which makes him like 2x-10x better just because of how perfect the voice is)



this one is more recent than the other drawings as I was trying to draw Wander with slightly bigger eyes as I wasn't liking how I was drawing him (until I found out the problem which was mostly the eyes).

and a doodle from yesterday of Commander Peepers before I went and did a bunch of him digitally



think this was my second drawing of Wander, which I think I improved very very slightly

idk maybe it was just the expression



these were my first drawings of some of the characters. Defintely should make Slyvia's eyes bigger and less spaced apart when I draw her again as it looks a bit weird. Defintely need to practice drawing Lord Hater sometime as well, I can barely draw him well lol

Cuphead Ocs (probably gonna be a lot of text in here as this are the introductions of the fan characters)


I have no idea if you can like have half of one job and half of another job at the same casino, but i feel that at the Devil's Casino anything is allowed as long as it gets him souls and its not too too chaotic to the point where you can't even run the casino correctly



Heres Candla, a casino half-time cocktail server, half-time dealer who sold her soul to become a better tap dancer 



Heres Leo, who is a black jack dealer (maybe, ive had these characters for a bit and just now am I thinking of jobs in the casino for them lol) and he sold his soul to get out of the streets (he got kicked out of his house, tried selling art for money but it wasn't much, only enough to get a meal or maybe two if he was lucky).



Heres Oscar, who is a custom service worker and a bartender who sold his soul to become a ghost when he died (I like to think humans in the cuphead universe can't become ghosts when they die, only non-humans/object-headed people can. Also another thing, Oscar was scared from death/dying at the time when he did the deal)


Oh also another thing I forgot to say.

Candla, Oscar and Leo are in a poly relationship together, thats about it 



Heres Tula, who sold her soul to become more humanoid (she was a little Tulip before) and was sucessfully running away from debtors for a while until she failed at the hands of (I haven't decided yet, as Candla wouldn't be that evil to do a thing as they were childhood friends, I was thinking maybe Chips Bettigan but still I have no idea yet) and then she worked at the Casino for a bit until her contract got burnt.



Cherise is a owner of her own ice cream parlor at inkwell isle 2 (literally don't have a good name for it yet)



and last but not least, heres Elvira who works at that one place the frog boxers work (I always called it the Clip Joint, or something along the lines of that but I have no idea what it's actually called or if its actually called that). She works as a singer on stage for entertainment and also serves drinks from time to time (think the boxing events are also entertainment there, Goopy Le Grande probably goes there as well from time to time)


Cuphead Art (as you can see I like cuphead lol)





most of these are just random sketchbook doodles that I don't have much context other than I wanted to draw some cuphead characters other than Cala Maria and Baroness Von Bon Bon (I did take a break off of cuphead for a while but then after a while I wanted to make more art of it)


this one is a bit gory, and an eye getting pulled (I think thats allowed as ive seen some posts that are a bit gorey) so ill hide it (but if this is way too much for the forums please tell me and ill edit and take this one off the post imdieately, or just take the post down entirely) 



think this was just some random idea I had and started doodling, which then became into an actual finished drawing. This was on procreate so the lineless coloring/shading looks a bit odd but it was fun using the procreate tools instead of clip studio for once

as I said if this is too gory for this site please tell me and I will take it down, sorry


Oc Art


I'm still not done developing the characters, but I think I'm getting very close with at least finishing their designs (but what I do want to do when drawing the characters is draw them in a different outfit each day, sounds fun to me). The personalities and one of the names are still in the works, and the whole story is still completely in the works (I keep on working on the world-building instead of the actual story, if I actually worked on the story I could write a more detailed version and just create the world as I go) anywho here's the two doodles 



Here's Kakona (I might stick to the name, I might not), and she's a 19-23 (still haven't decided yet) year-old Hawaiian cis-female. I don't have her complete personality quite done as I have to redo it once again but she an like half easygoing half outgoing (if that makes any sense) and is very social



This is maybe Piarie (but that may change, she used to be named Persephone but I was stupid and had no idea how to pronounce the name, someone told me how and then I didn't like it anymore). Shes a 19-24 (still can't decideee) demigirl from Alkberry (some made-up village in my story) who pretty much gets stuck on earth after a series of events I don't know how to explain just yet


I do have one more oc but im trying to find out how to draw her again as I made her up in 2020 when my style was way more noodles and cartoons so its a little bit harder to draw her. But pretty much shes a siren with an eel attached to the end of her tail (think I named him Spike before)


anywho, theres a good amount of off-topic art for now. wanted to make a big post because I just wanted to show a lot of things like ocs and fandoms I like. sorry this was such a long post lol 





and extra hidden post thing because for some reason there were extra copies of images that i couldn't delete for some reason


candla ref updated.pngcherise ref.pngdjimmi sketch.jpegelvira ref.pngdsjdskljds yonder.jpegrumorrr doodle.jpegoscar ref updated.pngwander does the do with other characters.jpegwowie is that wander and peepers.jpegtula ref updated.png

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tried drawing an old oc and it actually turned out pretty nice, and finally found a name that's probably permanent (maybe if i knew the last name I gave her I would probably use that one but I completely forgot it)

anywho heres Marin and Spike


Marin is a lazy jerk on the outside (maybe a lil in the inside), but is a softy in the inside. Spike is outgoing and very very VERY talkative (to the point where it could get them into trouble).

They are both just complete weirdos, thats about it lol. Oh also one more thing, she was heavily inspired off of Cala Maria and her electric eels when I made her (still kinda is, especially Spike).



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8 hours ago, minespatch said:

Unique concept. Haven't seen anyone turn a mermaid tail into a character.

Aa Thank you!! Also for some reason every mermaid I’ve ever made normally has something weird going on with their tail, like I have some conjoined twin mermaids where their tails connect.

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have a wip to show, i have literally gotten so distracted with this piece, I really hope I finish this tomorrow because ive been procrastinating for a while on this

also before I show the wip, lemme introduce you to the character in the drawing. His name Penelope (or peepee boy, I know a bit weird but my friend has an oc named blood boy/bubbles and I wanted to do a odd nickname as well) and he is boyflux and is brothers with Bubbles/Blood Boy (might try and draw blood boy soon just to show you guys what he looks like). Still thinking of a personality for him so he doesn't have much of one yet, but I like to think that the poses kind of show personality but I don't know.


wanted to draw Penelope in different outfits just to show the things he might wear 

probably will try to finish this probably tomorrow or Wednesday 


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drew a few Liliths (shes from the owl house btw)


She's actually really fun to draw, and for some reason after seeing some Hunter and Edric I started wanting to draw toh stuff, which surprises me because normally I don't go out of my way to draw any character from the show and when I try to draw characters from the show they turn out reallyyyy crappy either because I'm not motivated enough or it just turns out like that, but this turned out pretty okay. 


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Was on a whiteboard yesterday with my friends, and I just wanted to show some doodles I made on there 

most of these are walten files related (if you don't know what that is, I recommend you go watch it if you like weird horror vhs stuff, and stuff a bit based off of fnaf)

there are also a few spamtons in there from deltarune chapter 2




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I surprisingly have more original art that still looks good than I do dst work that I haven't posted yet (unless if you guys wanna see some old art)


heres some baroness drawing that I remember being a random doodle that turned into something bigger. think it was my first time drawing her castle, which was frustrating but fun



did this a bit after I beat the main part of Just Shapes and Beats (didn't finish the hidden part or whatever its called yet, dunno if I will because once I complete a song it doesn't save it and its annoying to have to play levels again and again that are more on the hard side). These two characters are super fun to draw (I need to draw them more but I don't, theres many things I want to draw more but I just don't lol).


warning: the next drawing is a bit shippy


still love the swedish fish ship (Cala Maria x Baroness Von Bon Bon) a lot, though I don't draw it much (I've been drawing more OCS recently)



anddd last one is some Candla doodle that the lineart/sketch was made on one layer (which was pretty fun when I made it). I do see a few weird things on this like I feel like the feet is a weee bit too big, but I still like it a lot.


sometime soon I'll try and show some Inktober stuff I've been working on 


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Here’s some inktobers I did (don’t know if I quit or not but I’m happy I did more than I did last year)

For Crystal my mind was thinking of drawing Pearl, but I don’t think pearls are crystal’s so I looked up a few gems and stuck with Rose Quarts (bro if google was lying and Rose isn’t a Crystal I will go insane)


for Vessel I got inspo from Deltarune (first chapter), because the refer to the character your making a vessel. And knot was just a random jumble of ideas that turned into that


raven is self explanatory, it’s a raven. I was thinking of doing Lilith from owl house (since she reminds me of ravens) but I decided to actually draw the bird (which I’m not goood at drawing birds, I took a bit of how the crow was drawn and looked at a raven reference)

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13 hours ago, minespatch said:

I like the one for knot. Character looks uncomfortable.

Thanks! Was trying to make them look more insane, like they've been trapped for a while, but also i do see them looking uncomfortable as well which I like. 

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Haven't posted here in a bit. Getting into another game though so I might be posting a weee bit more (or maybe not)

Darkest Dungeon is sooo fun!! I really like the graphics and how unique the gameplay is! The characters are also really neat, so I wanted to draw a few of them!


heres some of my go-to classes (my plague doctor died though, so she may become a little less used, even if I get a new one since my highway-man is level three already). I couldn't think of which person to put in front as I kind of have two at the moment (which is the Man-at-Arms and The Abomination).



 At first I didn't like the Jester, thought he didn't really have a purpose on my team and overall I felt like he sucked, but after looking more into how to use him and more about him as a character, he actually started to grow on me (both in-game and just as a character). Wanted to draw something related to his backstory (poor dude).


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13 hours ago, minespatch said:

I've always been partial to  man at arms, but Jester is mvp when it comes to rescuing the team. Arbalist also helps.

honestly I feel other classes can be better than man at arms (or maybe just more fun lol), but he’s still nice to use (especially to guard the Jester). Also I need to check out Arbalist as i didn’t use her a a lot before switching back to the highway man, don’t know if she’s better or not for me.

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