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Add Waterlogged's menu theme as ambient music for the biome

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I like the menu theme, and I think playing it when one enters the biome will give it an atmosphere of mystery to this once unexplored biome.

To prevent something like gardening music that starts just by doing a single action, maybe make it play once the player enters a Great Tree Trunk's canopy and it would only play again if the player exits a canopy and enters back, similar of how Crab King or Crabby Hermit's themes start to play once you get close to their locations.

Also make it slightly more quiet than the menu.

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On 8/21/2021 at 5:37 AM, Szczuku said:

Nah. The menu theme is essentially a 16 second loop. It would become annoying really quickly.

Especially since the biome already has a nice enough ambiance as is, it doesn't need background music

I was thinking it could just be the 16 seconds when you enter and then it would start the normal sailing music.

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