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PSA: Now may be a good time to revisit other possible world generations

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After generating a couple of Worlds looking for a large "river" I realized maybe I'm going about this all wrong.




Ripped this off the internet and this really spoke to me. The world is set to loop always and branch never. I could create multiple "harbors" and sail from biome to biome.

Given that my bases are going to be on the edge I can make each harbor a different pit stop of varying resources (food stuffs harbor like honey, wood harbor where bearger may be, petrified forest aka rock harbor). Having a mangrove in the middle or the lunar island would be icing on the cake.

Didn't want to keep it to myself so I thought I'd share just in case some one didn't think of it and wanted a new experience.

With a "river" large enough I'm thinking of making a sea base in the middle of two biomes... Wish me luck!

(Loop always and branch least has a chance to make the main "river" bigger or make it very ugly)

The more I think about it, the more amazing I think this could be.

Given the improvements to boats, I can carry everything I've ever wanted from one place to another using a boats near "infinite" carrying capacity.

Oh man I'm getting excited lmao

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Mom can I play shipwrecked?

No, we have shipwrecked at home

Shipwrecked at home:


 Ok, but seriously, the inside seems to be far bigger than pre sailable waters. I think the world was trying to make space for stuff inside of it. 

I encountered a mangrove inside so they do spawn there! This will make it very easy to spread the seeds all over my world rather just a few places. I kinda crashed because I suck at steering so I'm just going to make a new world. 

Also my "canal" was too small to sail from the main "lake" to the ocean. 

I also noticed that as the biomes try to loop they create TONS of rivers between themselves. 

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11 hours ago, Well-met said:

this was always in the game, but I'm happy you found out about it.

Yes I know haha. What I mean is that now that boats have a decent speed and mangroves exist its a good time to revisit it. 

Usually the loop wasn't a good thing.

Edit: oops this didn't make much sense. I knew about turning the world like this way back in 2005 when I played on the wii U but It wasn't a good thing. There was no sailing in RoG worlds so you'd essentially gimp yourself with a hard to traverse world. I only thought to revisit it recently and was surprised that it could be useful now that boats got a speed update. 

I was looking through the possible world regens and was like, oh yeah! That exists!

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Look what i just got! Pearl, 2 Waterlogged biomes and 3 salt biomes right in the center of the donut! :lol: 


No branches and no loop also makes some interesting looking maps. might be the only case where traveling from biome to biome might actually be faster by raft, after u clear ur main 'highway' of sea stacks 


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So uh... this just happened...



The lunar island spawned inside the "lake".

Such a nice thing too because I just had to delete a world with a reed trap thanks to the glommer statue not spawning. 

Im gonna go look for the statue now because if it didnt spawn... So help me god.

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