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My don't starve character, if klei would like this he can have it

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I don't know if klei will ever see this or any of the makers, however that will not stop me form posting this. I been playing DS for a very long time. loved all the update's so far. So I decided to make a DS character for it. to be honest it wasn't hard at all. So if any of makers would like to have the character feel free to have it, you don't even have to ask me. I do not have any stats for him, I let you decide or if anyone wanted to give him stats in the comments. he's nothing really just thought I post him up for anyone to see. I will look to see if anyone come up with any good stats for him or a good name I think I would call him the geek not much of a name right right....., ya I know your laughing at me lol:biggrin-new: post-10362-13764592199418_thumb.jpgO and also feel free to change him in anyway, you want. or not


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...Is that Wesker?

Haha! :p It does look like Wesker! I think it would actually be pretty epic if someone were to create a mod that added Wesker as a playable character done in the art style of Don't Starve with powers "similar" to those that he possesses in the Resident Evil universe! {■_■}
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Mr. Stormfront... erson!*Grabs clockwork knight as a giant hammer, proceeds to hit stormfronterson*They had glasses back then, right? Plus, Don't Starve has giant frog-fish monsters, cartoon wolves, and pig magic. Logic and basic evolution got b*tch smacked, then gagged and thrown out the window.*5 min later* Wait, what?

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