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can someone helm me with blurry textures in game

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i've been trying to play don't starve together but i have a probleme with the game .the game textures are soo blurry.i've tried to change game settings  and disabled netbook and small textures but still same thing .i've read that its a probleme with amd old gpu's ,i tried to change gpu settings but still same thing ;if anyone  could give me a solution for this it will be great and thank you.
these are my gpu settings  

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1 hour ago, Notecja said:

Some textures are just blurry. They use 512×512 textures for turfs... And grumblebees are one big blurr. Some screenshots from game would be helpful.

like this image.thumb.png.b5911a280fe5c4446b95d26771e9bfd8.png

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