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just throwing another art thread onto the pile...

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Note: I've been very indecisive over the past few years as to what my username online should be. As a result, I have different usernames across multiple platforms (as well as signatures), the primary three as of now being fierysage, jazzdragon, and a bin of cake. a bin of cake is the one I have decided to stick with from now on, so I'm gonna have to wait until next February to change my username on the forums :,) 

Anyway, now that that is done and over with, here is some art that I have made over the months since I first started playing DST... (looking back at some of my older art, I'm lowkey wondering why I'm sharing it in the first place.... constructive criticism, maybe?)

Early March 2021:


My first time drawing any of the characters... trying to draw them in a sorta realistic fashion...?



Ok, actually, I am still pretty happy about this one.


Late March 2021:


.... I tried... random things.


Late April:


Kinda happy with this too, actually. 


The Performance Crew, I called it.


Middle to Late May:


Me and my friend group at the beginning of our DST journey (now I rarely play with them bc I'm always playing the ReForged mod, which they don't like all that much).


My first attempt at using motion blur.


I also had a 3-page comic thing around this time, but I'm going to put it at the end of this reply.

Early June:


So, some of the characters I totally botched *cough* shading Webber and Wortox's fur *cough* (and it also looks like Webber is about to possess Wendy or something, not my intention--) but others, I was satisfied with (namely Woodie and Wormwood)....

So here's the unshaded whole:


And the shaded few:


And since my favorite character is Winona, I wanted to draw her a bit more... specifically with Charlie.




And 4 days ago:





Here's the comic!

The differences between the first and second pages are drastic, so ignore that. It was me learning more about Procreate and how to actually get those perfect shapes--

Context: A supposed scenario that I think could happen after the events of the EotS update, where during said events, WX notices that Winona seems to know Wagstaff. Thus, they decide that they want to learn more about her past involving the mysterious old man (assuming Winona hasn't told the others that she knows him)...


Page 1: 



Page 2: 




Page 3:




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didn't realize the system would merge the 2 replies
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22 hours ago, -Variant said:

I've seen this before and I just adore it!! Love your styling!

Ahh, thank youu! It's funny you pointed that one out, because I've been working on (and just finished) another drawing with a similar style.


I'm going to draw a Maxwell version of this next, because how could I not? 

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3 hours ago, minespatch said:

So sad but a excellent piece.

Yeah, Charlie is really not making things easy or pleasant for poor Maxwell. And thank youu~ :wilson_blush:


On the theme of old memories and familiar faces, I thought I'd make one more for the day.


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On 10/13/2021 at 8:30 AM, NightfallsCurse said:

But remember, I don't respect Webny ship >:D 

Haha, I’m not much of a shipper myself, actually. However, I do think Wendy and Webber would make good friends, of course. 


Also, uh, haha, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve gotten busy with school, and I also started on a little project (which I shall post here when I’m done:wilson_ecstatic:). Thus I haven’t had a lot of extra time to work on other art pieces to share. 

I should be able to finish said project by the end of this year... hopefully...

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15 hours ago, minespatch said:

Nice interpretation of Swinclops's defeat.

Hehe, this one's actually based on a match that occurred. My friend solo'ed Swine after everyone else on the team died. It was quite impressive, to say the least! :wilson_ecstatic:

16 hours ago, SkyistheGround said:

i still have that eviction notice

in all seriousness. your art. love it. <3

Mind giving some to those Torgeists in the Hallowed Forge too? :wilson_laugh:

Also some lighting experiment (the candle staff from HF):


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Also, I recently discovered that the kids' cartoon "Ed, Edd, & Eddy" exists. This, for once, isn't DST-related artwork, but these are a few sketches I've drawn (sketch style heavily inspired by one of the show's storyboard artists on Deviantart, Raveneesimo, go check her out! She's worked on a bunch of franchises long after EEnE and is very talented):




Yes, Double D turns out to be my favorite character. Expect to see more of him here.


Also also yes, I did mostly go off an ss from the show itself for the first sketch.


What&#39;s With Double D? (Ed, Edd n Eddy) by AustinSPTD1996 on DeviantArt


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linked to Raveneesimo's Deviantart page & added a reference img I used
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Wow, it's been over a year since I created this thread (and over half a year since I posted).


I was once fierysage1, in case y'all don't recognize my username KJSDKFJKSDJF


But there's something I want to share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdZFa3-OrpY

Sooo, I started this animatic?? animation?? back in like... summer of 2020 (over two years ago), and after a long hiatus on this project, I finally decided to just wrap it up with what I already have. It's far from my best work, and I feel like throughout this video, you can kinda see my development as it goes on. This was my FIRST animatic/animation sort of deal that I've worked with, so I wasn't completely sure (I'm still unsure) how to fully implement the key principles of animation, so it's choppy and may look kinda weird, but hey, I'm proud of it.

I chose the song "SUBURBIA" by Troye Sivan to go along with this, because I really feel like the lore that we knew back in 2020 aligned well with the lyrics at the time. I know this animatic is REALLY outdated bc so much new stuff has been released since then (like Wolfgang and Wickerbottom's reworks), so my apologies about that. I hope you guys enjoy it for what it's worth, heh.

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