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how to prevent cold damage?

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The ice biome is more suitable for wild farming where you just harvest naturally growing plants. For growing them in farm tiles it's best to do it elsewhere in a temperature controlled environment. For example using an aquatuner to cool to water to between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius and using that water for both cooling and irrigation. If you want to use the chill of the ice biomes you may need to use some kind of heat exchanger instead of direct contact with it. Otherwise it's just too cold. You only have a very narrow temperature range to work with - between keeping the wheat cold enough and not freezing the water.

There are also some tricks with using liquid valves to limit the water supply to just what is consumed. But that can be tricky. By the time you may want to farm sleeth wheat there usual more reliable solutions available. In any case make sure you use insulated pipes.

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Farm tiles do not get damaged from the cold because liquids do not undergo phase change while inside a building, but pipes delivering water can be damaged. Generally the sleet wheat setup is to grow in Hydroponics Tiles and use Insulated Pipes to deliver the water. The water can then be at whatever temperature because it's protected from freezing in the pipes. The Sleet Wheat plants can be cooled directly by environmental cold, or by running aquatuner cooled polluted water through radiant pipes behind the Sleet Wheat.

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14 hours ago, cherrypiee said:

i am trying to farm sleet wheats in the cold, blue biome, but my farm tiles get damaged from the cold. what should i use to construct them or what else i can do?

If you're pumping water for whatever reason then it's the piping what should be taking damage from water freezing... Regular farm and hydroponic tiles (and planter boxes) do have an internal buffer but phase change should not affect them...

You can glean some ideas from the following:

Do rigorous temperature control and make sure your water doesn't freeze in the pipes.

Send a maximum of 1000 g/s through and recycle whatever's left.. Every three sleet wheat plants take almost exactly 100 g/s water so in theory this can supply a maximum of 30 plants... (There will be a fractional amount of water left over even if you only do 3 plants and 100 g/s due to computer limitations and such so you have to take care of that surplus so that it doesn't accumulate.)

Hope this helps.

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