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  1. they look terribly bad when looked from up/down and builded in diagonal. the new wall skins looked like tilted and got fixed right away, idk why klei did not fix these ones.
  2. even if they kill my FPS, i wouldn't put them in my actual world. just make it more in the loot worlds so everything is fine, if they would make a problem about FPS.
  3. i think we should be able to change the firefly number in the world.
  4. i know, but i have seen the map fully open when i was looking for a good map. so i am almost sure that there is nothing there.
  5. i have shared the map, can you see other meteor fields? even if there is an another one, it should've teleport me to the orb boulder.
  6. we do not know if it is normal or not. if its something should not happened, then i will spawn it. but if it is something that can happen normally, then i don't want to spawn it. i am hoping that someone who knows will appear and tell me which one is it.
  7. who knows... i am hoping that they will bring back the saltbox on april 1st.
  8. i am on day 190 and still didnt get the celestial orb boulder from meteor showers. i have seen a couple shower like day 160 but they didnt bring it either. i have searched the entire mosaic a couple of times and tried to use c_gonext("rock_moon_shell") command but still nothing. this is the map, could it be somewhere else but mosaic?
  9. this is not something to say clever, we do not need that much of reality you talk just nonsense. and we need at least this much of physics.
  10. but teeths are not so heavy, if i would see a teeth float i would not be surprised
  11. since they do not have different appearance when they are not picked (because if they did have, you could easily say which is a depth worm and which is not), it would be absurd if they had different appearance on the floor. i think that is why this is something that intentional and not something that require a fix.
  12. i mean that they should be definitely aware of this. i am playing this game since 2016-2017 and it was always like this. that is why i said i thought it was intentional.