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  1. i have never experienced something like this with the games that require better GPU than mine. are u 100% sure that this is just because my GPU is not good enough and there is no other solution than these?
  2. is there any other soultion that does not take away the very precious 25 FPS that i have rn?
  3. it moves with the camera moves
  4. they look terribly bad when looked from up/down and builded in diagonal. the new wall skins looked like tilted and got fixed right away, idk why klei did not fix these ones.
  5. since they do not have different appearance when they are not picked (because if they did have, you could easily say which is a depth worm and which is not), it would be absurd if they had different appearance on the floor. i think that is why this is something that intentional and not something that require a fix.
  6. i mean that they should be definitely aware of this. i am playing this game since 2016-2017 and it was always like this. that is why i said i thought it was intentional.
  7. star caller's staff and deconstruction staff skins do not work properly. i do not know if there are other skins that do not work properly either.
  8. OMG, you can be right! i always do alt+tab and it might be getting stuck and changing it to Alt thing. i will try whenever it happens again. you are a life saver <3 Edit: it worked as i thought. thanks a lot, really! glzLOVE
  9. well, i have already said i am fixing it temporarily with playing with them manually. but it happens again after doing those things.
  10. good for you but its not a answer for me obviously.
  11. whenever i rollback, go in/ come out of cave or disconnect and connect, the mouse bindings keep getting broke. i havent changed them manually, but it changes them like this: let me know if u guys need any logs or something.
  12. for now, i managed to fix it with deleting modoverrides file from both cave and master. if it happens again i'll disable the clint ones too, thanks for advice.
  13. i just go into caves to get a couple of light bulbs, when i come out it was storming in decidious in autumn, my stats reduced to 100 and longness of the seasons' were changed. its a dedicated server and here is the logs.