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Is there a way to reset all stats?

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Hello everyone on the forums, I recently bought this game and wanted to do a lets play on it.

I played for about 40 minutes to try and understand the basics and ended up making a research machine and getting research points. As I am doing a lets play I would like to start from scratch so that my viewers get to see it from start to finish. If anybody knows how to reset EVERYTHING, that would be deeply appreciated. If you would like a link to my youtube click HERE.

Thank You.


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Well here are to people who are fiddling around with steam while experimenting with multiple saves.

For Steam users it should be located in:


Make sure you've turned off cloud synchronization, otherwise the saves will be stored in the steam cloud.

This is how it worked with other games i've done this on steam, didn't test it with don't starve yet.

I should've said that I already check the folder before, there were nothing in there.

Then I found out just now it was actually located in:

...\Steam\userdata\(user number id)\219740\remote

but the multiple game save method doesn't work since you can't return to your old game... I tried, even loss my profile progress (unlockable etc. etc.).

I thought they are only there to serve as backup but not really, anything happen to these files you're screwed.


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Thanks still!

I take back the whole it did not work I shut down and restarted steam I had New Game and Make New World as an option and only saw Wilson available to play so it seems to have worked out!

Thanks :)

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Found out I was wrong.
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Hello and welcome!

Are you playing on steam or Chrome?

If on Chrome. Then you can just clear all your web information. You know your cache and such. Cant remember exactly wich ones are needed. But I belive it is cache and the two at the bottom.

Hope it helps.

I am on steam, what then? D:

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[For steam]

While I was fiddling around, I assume this is what the files do:

restart - world map (deleting this will affect your current game (maybe), and can't start new game until new world made (i think))

profile - exp, unlockables, settings (deleting this will reset them, UNRECOVERABLE)

latest - last saved game, auto erased if u died. (clicking continue doesn't do anything if you delete this)

...again this is just my assumption.

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I will chime in that I restarted steam after I changed the cloud settings.. Though honestly it would be nice if we could just have a button that says Reset All Stats or the like (Almost swore I saw one but I think it was for another game I was playing yesterday now that I think about it). Would just be a nice replay avenue to be able to start out as the different characters with no science for them at all so they are not a piggy back on the previous characters.

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