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  1. the clicking is highly annoying, aswell as the sped up video. Try to just record ingame sound and donh't speed up the vid that much...
  2. Make a pig your friend, let the pigs kill each other or beefalos, no krampus, yet there's meat...
  3. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?1012-Multiple-Game-Saves
  4. Turn the cloud back on after resetting your progress, or backup your savefiles. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?1012-Multiple-Game-Saves
  5. Not everyone is a windowsslave and installs on c:/
  6. How about you chill the f*** out and let the thread drown in the subforum? Also whoa i didn't check the reported buglist and searched for water instead of sea. And on a sidenote, seems like it wasn't reported enough times, since it's still an occuring bug and maybe more reports give the info missing to fix it. So get over yourself, especially you Agorag, playing deputy and not searching enough yourself (lol).
  7. lol, as pou said, chill out. i searched and didn't find anything...
  8. i don't really mind the glitch itself, just reporting, since it shouldn't be in the finished game...
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Water missing blablabla Steps to reproduce how would i know? map is randomly generated, these required boxes are dumb Describe your issue Since i obviously don't have the permission to use attachments... http://imgur.com/a/B1jQT I was on the bottom of the map. Ocean just didn't exist lower than x. Guess the map was bigger than the background... (15 char min for the title, srsly?)
  10. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?1012-Multiple-Game-Saves
  11. you wouldn't loos the quickswap at all, since dropping only occurs, while you have items in your "hand" and hover over the map. If you hover over other items in your invent you can't drop anyways, so no problem here...
  12. Thought about this during my last ganming session aswell +1, cause now i don't have to write it down
  13. Well, everyone can remap stuff with ahk, but it would be way more convenient to just put basic stuff like this into the game itself, on the long run...
  14. Well im just here to say, that it's kinda counter intuitive to have different keys assigned to dropping items. Usable stuff like pinecones, bushes and so on are used with left click and dropped on the ground with the RMB. Non-useable items are dropped with LMB. Cant you just decide on one key for dropping? Would prevent placing spider nests, by mispressing, cause i'm so used to pressing LMB to drop something.
  15. Bronze is an alloy, that consists mostly of copper... I like the idea for the new items, threads about underground were there before already.
  16. Well that's a point. The weird stuff was mostly testing fighting stuff, making things fight against each other. But it seems to me, that if the game gets closed while you get resurrected by your meat effingy the game assumes, that you died and deletes your progress. I can't test that atm, since i need to rebuild my farm, goin to be a while until i can get my effingy back up and test it, this time i'm going to backup the savegame before testing though. And as i see it, i'm not only playing the game, but trying to break it, to find weird stuff. If someone want's to circumvent the permadeath, that's not hard at all, since you can backup your saves...
  17. Well i tried to be cheap I closed the game while dieing, to revert back to my last saved game, because i tried some weird stuff (dont ask ). I died and didn't want to loose my Meat Effigy because of it, so i closed the game. When i wanted to go back to my completely built base i couldn't since my savegame was gone and the game only gave me new game and new world options, but no continue. Too bad im not as cheap as backing up my savegame. QQ Thought i might let you know, since ppl could also crash while being ressurected at an effigy and loose their savegame.
  18. well everyone knew what i was talking about
  19. nah nothing reappeared and i died to another bug in the meantime. The Game really needs a documentation for the controls, since i assumed it would work like with the little pine hatchling thingies (can't remember the name right now, the things that make trees ) where you can just click and it places 1 down... Kinda bad design to have different control schemes for the same thing.
  20. You can always just delete the savegame... http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?1378-Is-there-a-way-to-reset-all-stats
  21. Well i figured, lets go catch some fireflies to illuminate my camp. After some time i had 18 and decided to place them around my camp, then i realized there was no way to break up the stack. This is 18 fireflies placed on the same spot... After a while i managed to catch them again, since it was complicated, they clipped into the stuff around... After catching them i had once again a stack of 18 flies, pressed RMB, because my inventory was full and i wanted to place them on the ground for later use, they didn't get placed like other objects, but used and this time i only had 1firefly left, not 18. Hope i didn't do anything wrong.
  22. Well its still a beta and they said somewhere, that a managementsystem for profiles is coming. So long, deactivate cloud for the game, restart steam, delete the folder, start the game...
  23. turn off steam cloud, then delete ...\Steam\userdata\(user number id)\219740, the complete folder. This will reset your game to vanilla. The files will be generated again.
  24. I switched on day 30, from Willow to Wilson and had to wait for him to grow a beard, took 5 or 6 days... Never got the hair together for the effigy, damn you optimus pine.