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  1. Turning steam cloud ON did fix this issue for me. For some reason the save data is only valid for that steam session if it is off. (or so it appears to be)
  2. A little extra information. I was able to pick up and have follow me a mandrake like normal by clicking on it. It does seem to be when using the space bar to cause them to bugger out like this.
  3. I will give turning Sync back on a try, might be worth it if I am not going to reset my world for a bit as long as I am the one choosing when to do this
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Dropping a mandrake in the air Steps to reproduce Find a mandrake Pick it using the Space Bar Drop the mandrake anywhere (so far) Describe your issue When following the steps above then mandrake does not get planted into the ground again, instead it is in the air (there is a bit of parallax with the scrolling) and I can not pick them up again. What I have seen happen before was that you would pick them and if night or day they would flop out on the ground or jump up and follow you. Pressing the space bar now puts them directly into your inventory.. I am not sure if hitting the spacebar did this before as I have only recently started to use the computer more.
  5. Hey All As mentioned in a previous post I do an LP for Don't Starve and I am actually having a hard time of it as of late as it is becoming somewhat hard to do as the game does not recognize my save game and I am forced to start all over again. It keeps my science and my characters unlocked just fine but no option to continue. I have turned Steam Cloud off so that I can restart when I feel up to it (reset science mostly for the extra challenge) so I am not sure what could be causing this. Is this just something on my end of things or has anyone else seen this or know the cause of it?
  6. I did that.. I gave it to my brother (he also got owned in the swamp his first time there )
  7. Are these changes for Chrome only or will us Steamers also be snagging these new changes? - - - Updated - - - I would assume when you get into the game if you find something like berries can now stack to 40, they are small.. Maybe the grass is small? I dunno, this will let us figure out the sizes of things for sure!
  8. I know, it only was mentioned the other way around.. hence why I am asking here.. Would just be a connivance thing really
  9. Hey All I am a fan of Steam and got the game there instead of via the web and then picking up a steam key.. But I am finding that with doing a video series on the game can be annoying at times when I want to play for a few more hours but not record. To that end I thought if I could unlock the web edition from its demo mode because I owned it for steam that I could just fiddle around there.. Is that even possible to do??
  10. Hey all I have recently started recording my survival attempts and I am rather fond of the start I have now and I see an impending update. What will happen to the saves when this happens? I assume all will be well (aside from steam eating them every now and again) as I see people with 200+ day survivals but wanted to check and see how this might impact my recordings.
  11. Wow, Very nice insight, I will definitely keep this in mind as I move forward with my recording (I restarted because of this bug and had it happen again, sucking away all of my berries). I will keep myself away from trying to set a rabbit trap and catch it all at the same time!
  12. I am not sure if this is a bug or a weird game mechanic I have not noticed before... But I had a stack of cooked carrots, a stack of roasted berries and as I am planting down rabbit traps it is just disappearing.. As luck would have it I was recording while this happened.. And so while I decided to scrap the videos presuming that this is a bug I can atleast snip out the pieces of the video that clearly show my food is just gone. (So this will be coming as Soon as I can render and upload the video).