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Please make more Funko POPs!!

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Ass the staff said before, it's not in Klei's hands, Funfo Pop should approach them with the offer. They said they'd be happy to make more if Funko is willing. You can send a suggestion for a new line of DST funko pop om their website, I already did themselves.

How Funko functions is that they manufacture a limited number of figurines for most anything in popular culture and if the lineup gains particular attraction, they keep producing more and expand the lineup like they do with Marvel, One Piece and Rick & Morty funkos. Sadly Don't Starve isn't a particularly big fanbase and as far as my observation goes, initial funkos weren't a big marketting success, they ordered by hardly any physical licensed Funko retailers worldwide and the online sales weren't particularly large.

I heard that the USA amazon ran out of their Wilson funko stocks recently but the the UK amazon here still has all of them. 3 years of slow-medium sales isn't a great perfemance for funkos but if they see a demand for wilson and other funko pops, they might end up resupplying the first wave and approadh klei foe a second wave. As fans, all we can do is to show our demand for more funkos and ask them to resupply to eventually get new ones.

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