What planet are we on?

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There's a lot of planets out there, but where does this far future with aliens and robots land us? What planet did we land on with these other aliens that woke up Hesh and destroyed all the spaceships? Let's find out!

First thing, the general layout of this planet. We've got one large continent to the East, and two smaller continents to the West, one on top of the other. Here's my attempt at a map of this place.


Okay, now that we have a general idea of the land area, what does this remind you of? 






So yeah, that's my big theory for where this game takes place. But wait, there's more! The landmasses aren't a perfect fit, but there's more sort of evidence in the game. In Smith's campaign we learn that the Roaloch cause some weird evolution stuff that restructured all the life on this planet as well as messing up the technology. If that's true, then what if every 'alien' in the game was just mutated by the Roaloch, not brought here form another planet? That would explain why they all resemble some kind of Earth animal, as well as why all the intelligent races have same body shape as humans. My guess is that humanity either brought back the source of the Roaloch from space and it's the only real alien, or it was created by humans as some kind of bio weapon that didn't go as planned. 

Of course, there are some holes in this theory. The local environment doesn't fit perfectly, aside from the planet being mostly water and a reasonably survivable atmosphere for humans. I don't have a real explanation for this, but I suppose it's possible that this is far enough in the future that global warming and human terraforming restructured the planet enough for this to make sense. 


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12 minutes ago, AYellowShadeOfB said:

Consider this scene - in the background you can clearly see two large moons. Unless I missed something, Earth only has one moon, it's much smaller in broad daylight, and it's not that colour.

Yeah, I would not be surprised if Griftlands is a unintentional sequel to Oxygen not included.

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