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  1. i wonder why in this scene,Pengemunt aggre to trade "Weighted coin" from Rook without any doubt or suspicion i think it would make more sense for Rook to convince him that coin is truly Admiralty coin
  2. True! i hope this game will get more attention
  3. will griftlands have night ost battle? i just saw night negotiation ost on night and i absolutely love it
  4. it was the Bouncer kill him,i swear why you guys hate meee
  5. yep,i make that mistake too,if i haven't kill the boss in that run,i could have 2 achievement "counterplay and machinist" in a row
  6. Smith:cost him alot of time(and shills) to learn a stun 3-cost Atk Meanwhile Sal::
  7. remember: "executed" card count as ATK too,so don't kill a boss
  8. Yesterday i was playing Sal campain and i just realize this card can destroy not only argument,but Bounty too,so i can instantly won with only a card what your thought about this card?