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Dlc characters without skins

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Is there a way to buy Wormwood, Wortox, and Wurt without getting the $11 bundles for each individual character? I don't care about the skins that come with it, I'd rather pay a little less and just get the character. Or I'd like to buy all the characters together with no extra skins for less than the $33 price. Is this possible? 

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Others have said some answers. However for wormwood if you already have DS (which you probably don't) you can just buy the Hamlet DLC which is like 5$ and just get wormwood.

If you want you can just buy a bunch of dirt cheap distinguished skins from the steam market and unweave them. But not sure if that's cheaper as I have never done it.

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8 minutes ago, Terra B Welch said:

Except the spools seems to be a one time redeem.


5 minutes ago, SkyistheGround said:

i didnt know that, didnt actually get the spools
i suppose you could just get those for a head start and unravel other things

Spools are once a week purchase. You have to wait till u buy again. 

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