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Just got the game and have a couple questions.

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First off great job, I'm loving the look and there aren't enough games that force you to survive in the wilderness. I'm about 10 days in and have been mainly wandering the map looking for the pig men before I set up a permanent camp. I have not found them yet and I'm wondering if they just start showing up when you build houses for them? Also what conditions should I look for when founding my camp? Should I explore the entire map before making this decision? I'm badly in need of storage and I feel like I have to found a central camp for that.

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Personally, I make several camps. The first one is always on the island you start of, to gather and stock on food. Then, as I explore more of the map and start finding tiresome going back and forth to my camp I just make another one more "centric".

I even have job specific camps, like one for gathering rocks, and another one for research, etc.

It's up to you.

Regarding the pigs, they always spawn on the island, there's no need to build them houses really. You just have to keep exploring until you find them.

PS: Welcome to the forums ;)

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Thanks for the info and the welcome. I'm pretty excited about this game and watching it grow and change. I may just run my character into some tentacles because at this point I'm very far away from the starting island with only a few scattered fire pits between.

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I am currently on my second playthrough and only have one real camp.

Though it currently has 21 replanted berry bushes, same number in grass and in twigs. It also has three turbo plots for farming, a Tent, both science machines, crockpot, etc the list goes on.

Its easy though because the way my map generated I have my camp built on the edge of what I call bunny plains(tons of rabbit holes).

If you get a crockpot even spiders produce edible meat(4 monster meats in the crock = meaty stew that is super effective).

I do not use pig men anymore, not so far this playthrough. So all I care about is harvesting poo from beefalo and getting ready to build a second base near the swamp I found.

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