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  1. Bed roll hunger

    In what way does the bed roll protect you from the monsters in the darkness? Seems a bit odd that you aren't slaughtered while sleeping without a light source.
  2. My camp is ringed by berry bushes. I don't really care that the gobblers eat some of them, I have a ton. However whenever I pick berries I end up having to fend off 3 gobblers from my bushes. I'd really like to be able to kill one without chasing it all the way to the ocean since my camp is in the middle of the island. At this point I'm just assuming the sound they make is laughter at me futilely running towards them with a spear. Any advice?
  3. Monster Meat

    It's also the amount of heat over time. Cooking something for many hours in lower heat, moist environment is very possible, while the same amount of time over an open flame will net you a chunk of carbon. Not only that the moist heat will leach out toxins and impurities into the water while dry heat will concentrate them (if the cooking time isn't long enough to at least partially destroy them).
  4. Monster Meat

    Mobious Some types of poison can be destroyed by heat. Almonds are heat treated before being sold to remove their cyanide content. Cassava root is either boiled or steamed to remove toxins, certain mushrooms have to be cooked first to become edible, lima beans are poisonous unless cooked, same with kidney beans. I don't know of any toxins produced by animals that can be cooked out but it's not outside the realm of possibility.
  5. Splitting stacks?

    Thanks guys. I actually read through that thread. Can't believe I missed that.
  6. Is there anyway to say split a stack in half so I can drop part of it at my base, have enough in case I need to craft something and gather more while I'm out without taking up another inventory space?
  7. Nerf berry bush needed ?

    I think increasing the respawn time would help, I've gathered two islands worth of berry bushes around my camp. I use them instead of filler in recipes and when I get too much I force the poor piggies to eat them for manure. It really can't be healthy for one pig to make twenty piles of manure in a day.
  8. Fishing (Spoiler)

    Doesn't seem like it's worth the resource investment and time to fish, especially since I have to go to a dangerous biome. Is ocean fishing coming? And has anyone developed strategies to make fishing worth it or is it just something fun to try for the time being?
  9. [spoiler] Wendy's....

    Same here, maybe it's a monthly visitor?
  10. Catching rabbits at night.

    I placed my camp in such away that there are four rabbit holes inside of it. I've been getting 3 or 4 morsels a night with one trap just by placing it over the hole. I'm not sure if this is a bug and I happen to like my nocturnal hunting activities but it seems like it might be one. The rabbits still pop their heads out every once and a while and that triggers the trap.
  11. Carrot regrowth rate?

    Sigh, but I like my night bunnies..... But you are right, it's most likely not what the designers had in mind.
  12. Carrot regrowth rate?

    I should add that I get around 3 to 4 morsels a night just by having some rabbit holes in my camp itself. They still pop out for a look randomly and you can trap them by placing the traps over the holes.
  13. I'd love to have the option of cutting open a dead Beefalo and spending the night inside like the Tauntaun scene in Empire Strikes Back. Maybe make this only possible next to a fire? Since I doubt the baddies would pass up a fresh beefalo corpse at night.
  14. Well the house could open up a couple different tech trees. One for a workshop and crafting implements (or maybe the tools to craft boards, nail etc instead of magically having them appear) and the other for household items. I will say that as a cook I'd love to be able to craft knives, appliances, stoves, ovens and the like.
  15. I agree with with holding a key to dig. I'm not liking switching tools constantly. I actually just stopped doing that and started digging them up once I had enough planted around my camp. Or maybe make the item go into your inventory once the plant is dug up.