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Honestly, I don't really like the fact that all materials have different radiation resistances, as opposed to "resistant" ones like lead or depleted uranium being near or exactly 100%, radioactive ones having some low value, and others at some set number.

  • Resistances aren't shown in the in-game wiki, radiation overlay, or material display
  • Makes lead "just another metal" and not a clear radiation shielding material
  • Radii for radiation sources tend to be tiny, defeating the idea of actually requiring shielding at all
  • OCD factor of having very slightly different numbers everywhere
  • It's not even "realistic", as IRL it depends partly on density/thickness and insulated tiles (400kg) don't attenuate radiation better than standard 100kg tiles. Tiny drops of water do a great job at absorbing radiation. Then there are mesh tiles with their 0 attenuation.

The radii for radiation sources are "gamey", while attenuation is "realistic", resulting in radiation not mattering much.

I haven't even seen a single radiation-sick dupe. And mine handle beetas a lot.

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