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Storage changes when new materials discovered

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When a new material is discovered, storage, whether it be pumps or storage bins, automatically include the new material in the storage list. 

This is really annoying and I would have thought that the devs would have changed this by now.  it's a particular annoyance when something like water is selected for a pump or ice in a storage bin in your water supply, then polluted water or polluted ice is discoverd, then, without noticed, I'm finding my entire water system is spoilt by polluted water, as the dupes added polluted water to the pumps or polluted ice to my storage bin in my clean water supply.

Kle change this pleasei, don't automatically add new materials to be selected in storage when they are discovered.


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How storage selection should work is; when a material is selected explicitly, DO NOT automatically assume and select the All option and only ever explicitly keep that material in that storage, even when a new material is selected.  When the All option is selected, then DO add new materials to this storage when they become active.

The problem is, when all the materials in a category are explicitly selected, it automatically assumes the All materials option.

43 minutes ago, cezarica said:

Until they have a look on this (btw, don't hold your breath) there's a mod on the Workshop called Deselect New Materials to ease your pain. Good luck!

I'll give that a look, thank you.

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I feel your pain, thus why i first "discover" the nasty stuff, like slime and rot and then build some bins here and there, just to make sure i don't accidentally get some stuff where I don't want to. yes, what you said above makes 100% sense and should be like that, but for some reason it isn't..

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