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Crafting Archives Turf at the Celestial Altar/Orb

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With all other turfs being perfectly renewable, it's a shame to see Ancient Stonework getting left behind. Meanwhile, the Celestial Altars let you craft 6 Moon Crater Turf and Mutated Fungal Turf for 1 Moon Rock + some other item.

So perhaps we could craft Ancient Stonework the same way? Something like 1 Moon Rock + 1 Thulecite for 6 Ancient Stoneworks. You could theoretically use that to dupe thulecite, but you would still need to clear the ruins to get a Deconstruction Staff and if you've cleared the ruins, you can duplicate Thulecite via Thulecite Suits, which is a far better deal, so I can't imagine that would be an issue.


And if having Ancient Stonework, a turf from a late game area, be craftable from the get go at the "early game" Celestial Altar, perhaps it could be only available to craft at the upgraded Celestial Orb?

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2 hours ago, Well-met said:

arent the archives more related to the ruins than they are to the moon?

i dont see why celestial labs would provide that material

The archives are 50% thulecite and 50% moonrock from the looks of it. And there's several statues of the moon itself there. And since they are powered by Iridescent Gems, which is lunar magic, the flooring too is related to the moon.

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On 6/9/2021 at 8:06 AM, Terra B Welch said:

Or maybe from Terra Firma Tamper?

That just doesn’t make thematic sense with what the Terra Firma Tamper is whatsoever. It literally mashes and tamps down natural material into terraformed turf. Looking at the gorgeous intricacy of the Archives turf, and it being man made, this is most certainly not something that should be crafted at the Terra Firma Tamper.

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