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Hey everybody,

just bought the Game, enjoying it very much, but some things concern me:

1. When you inspect a Character (boon/bane details etc.) the type is SO small - almost not readable,  despite a lot of negative space on these particular inspect screens. In other places ilke the Dialogs the type scaling seems to be adjusted from the PC version, so a little consistency woud go a long way.

2. Also the death loot info (same screen/card info) on the switch Version can't be highlighted in ANY way

3. The Game seems not to carry over my progress sometimes, unlocked things seem to disappear

4. Many of the Art assets on the switch Version (card illustrations especially) suffer from horrendous compression artifacts.


First Time reporting in a Forum (because I really wanna care about the game) - am I too sensitive here? anybody else with similar issues?


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The most annoying point is that it is impossible to progress in the Switch version. I had one run and thought the font size was a problem, but when I realised that every progress basically disappear if you turn off the game... well... something that translate any run in a waste of time for a rougue like.

I hope the hot fix will come out within a couple of days, because this game shouldn't have been released in this state.

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Hey there, 

We have a bunch of fixes coming up but it takes a while to get that out. We have this version over here in the experimental branch on Steam right now, and as soon as we get that tested and live, we will submit it and get it out on console as well. This will take a little time, but just wanted to follow up on that. 

We're just waiting to clear cert on the progress wiping bug fix update and that should be very soon. 

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