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  1. I agree, I want to have Threekwa companion for all my grifters!
  2. Rook still doesn't have a merc recruitment pool, will this be added soon?
  3. for the daily protection challenge, can you cycle through the characters we can protect? Its always the same female poor merchant every time, it gets repetitive. would love to protect jakes, luminari, etc.
  4. I love the new perk that a character who loves you may be recruited for the next battle. I would suggest two things to add to this: 1) They stay until the end of the day instead of 1 battle 2) I wish there's a perk where you CHOOSE a companion, or even TWO companions, to start the game with from the COMPENDIUM! Meaning you can choose even a boss from a different story to start your run with! That would really make my week!!