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  • Developer

Hey Grifters,

Wow! that's a lot of feedback! 

We've been working on some fixes and improvements these past two weeks, and we're ready to share them with you in the experimental branch. The big points here are:

  • Improved gamepad support.
  • Better UI clarity in the scaled-up modes.
  • Update translations for the in-progress languages.
  • Fixing some edge cases in some quests.

We'll be iterating a bit with this stuff on the experimental branch for the next couple days, and then pushing it onto the release branch as an update. Thanks for all of the F8s!


UI fixes / improvements:

  • ChooseCardsPopup: Fix the initial focus card not having the correct scale.
  • ChooseCardsPopup: increase card size slightly, again, in Small/TV mode.
  • ChooseCardsPopup: Fix various issues with inaccurate gamepad hints while toggling visibility of the panel.
  • Include missing "View Options" gamepad control hint in battle, after hiding card choice popup.
  • Set negotiation/graft icon limit to 6 on the topbar for all UI modes for better graft visibility.
  • Clamp negotiation adaptive speed increases.
  • Shrink padding between shop cards.
  • Apply layout scale to combat speech bubbles.  Also increase their size slightly.
  • Hide unused nav tab in PeopleCompendiumDetails.
  • Increase size on fonts in PeopleCompendiumDetails.
  • Increase size of cards in ChooseCardsPopup for Big and Bigger UI scaling.
  • Increase abridged tooltipped cards size slightly.
  • Increase drafted card widget sizes slightly
  • Make the title font on the WidePanel popup consistently sized across UI scales.
  • Fixed movie scaling issue in Smith's intro.
  • Fix locked perk descriptions not updating its required perk count when unlocking a new perk.

Controller improvements:

  • Reticule inspection support in negotiation / combat.
  • Reticule support for tooltipping grafts on the top bar.
  • In controller mode, show the quest log when you are inspecting the main overlay
  • Fix cycling links in reverse on gamepad sometimes giving the wrong values.
  • Improve focued card handling between turns.
  • Remove tooltips on the argument wheels, they are confusing with the reticule and not that useful in general.
  • Shrink the sensitive area on the travel map for the travel nodes when using the reticule.
  • Fix flourish card targetting (eg. Rebuild) in negotiation when using a gamepad.
  • Fix CardArrangement:ReNav not being called when a new card is created in hand.  Fixes a bug where playing a card that draws another card sometimes prevents you from navigating to it directly.
  • Change flourish button to indicate a %, in bigger font.
  • Don't automatically focus the next card in hand in large UI modes.

Quest fixes:

  • Give the bilebroker plot armour until you talk to them on smith day 4 - this prevents soft locks if they are cast in something else and killed.
  • Fix up some condition dialog logic in the take a sample conversation
  • restrict the casting on event_jail_break.lua a bit more, to control difficulty, and prevent mullifee from getting cast
  • Retire Mullifee if you betray her, to avoid awkwardly running into her at Moreef's later.
  • Make oolo's merchant work at all times of day, so you can go shopping after turning in your quests 
  • In Smith's ending, don't show the solo mulliffe or theroux slides if we show the all siblings slides
  • Fix potential crash with a day change while the sandwich event is active.
  • Rook Brawl: disable campsite meditation if already at full resolve.
  • Reduce severity of "Refused to Help" opinion event.
  • New Deal, Same as... : Fix being recognized for rescuing the old supplier even if you didn't.

Card / Gameplay fixes:

  • Fix potential crash when upgrading a card as an extra quest reward during brawl.
  • Cards that are duplicated now call on_duplicated if such a function exists.
  • Fixed issue caused by beast_master interacting with the precision mutator
  • Fixed bug caused by upgrading cards with charges via the mutator mutator
  • Doze Bug now includes a line of dialogue stating its effect when triggered
  • Mettle bounties no longer show up in NO_LOOT negotiations
  • Wrath of Hesh now retargets properly when owned by the player
  • Fixed bug where Rebounder would deal damage the first time your core was attacked rather than took damage.
  • Shielded: only prevent targeting from attacks, as per the description.
  • Battle Stein: will increment per Drink, instead of per Drink card.
  • Luminitiate Coin: cap the amount of doubled damage to 9 times.


  • Updated translations: FR, DE, KO, RU, JP PO, and BRPT


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  • Developer

Couple more fixes coming later today:


  • Boosted Tough & Angry: Fix the Defense bonus to match description.
  • combat drones no longer get no_alone_drone in survival battles
  • CheckGameOver after resolving card to avoid unnecessarily playing cards in queue.
  • Hot Air: Its stack value now correlates with the increase in damage.
  • Pale Hot Air is now Boosted Hot Air.
  • Don't recreate Powder Keg, Hot Air if it would exceed max argument count.


  • Remove SetCardFocus call in battle POST_RESOLVE, as it awkwardly clears your current card focus if one exists.
  • Tweak size/offsets to make room for bounty labels when drafting cards.
  • Fix right-clicking on an unlockable card set in the new game screen inadvertently toggling the set off.
  • Fix for incessant perk shimmer animation if you've won the game with that perk.
  • Gamepad: add button binding to view death loot in the FighterInfoPopup screen.


  • Enable flourish shopping in brawl.
  • smith_story_beach_party.lua now only clears history once when entering stage 2 of the boss fight. This prevents a dialogue box being skipped
  • Fix soft-lock if your rescue target in sal_brawl_rescue_target.lua dies.
  • Fix quest reward in sal_brawl_investigate.
  • Make the "get into party store" negotiation have its own cooldown, so that you're not locked out if you happened to negotiate with the guard right before
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