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  1. good job team! Thanks for your effort. Looking forward to the touch screen implementation. It will be easier to touch a UI button rather than moving cursor via Joy-con buttons
  2. Dear team, It's not every interesting to play the repetitive content, such as unlocking the game elements which we already unlocked on Steam version again on NX version. I've spent more than 100 hours on the steam version. And I don't want to keep two separate progression. so back to my topic, is there any way to sync or transfer my Steam progression to NX? Thank you and take care, A huge fan of Klei
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes, in the handheld mode as I mentioned in the summary. I'll capture some screenshots for instance after the next NX update which fix the progression reset issue releases. for now, can you have a check my feedback on touchscreen which is more important on UX improvement.
  4. Dear team, Here are two UX feedback of NX(NS) version: 1. The text is hard to be read in handheld mode. It's kind of blur. or maybe the font size is a bit small as well? 2. I noticed the touch screen of NX hasn't been made full use of. For instance, in order to check many buttons or information, we'll have to switch via L,R,ZL,ZR on Joy-con instead of touching them directly on the screen. They are all my personal opinions. But I do think it will improve the user experience. Hope you can put them into consideration. Thank you and take care, A huge fan of Klei Notes: Sorry that I start a same topic in [General Disucssion] and I didn't find a way how I can delete that one.
  5. my progression has been reset for 3 times. We'll need a hotfix otherwise we are not able to have a further progress.
  6. Same issue here. Seems the there is something wrong with the save file.