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  1. Time to move on to another game. Thanks for nothing devs. What a waste of money! I would have asked for a refund but Sony has policies on digital bought games that you have already used. thanks for nothing Klie/tencent! Over a month to launch and after 1 patch still in the same place where we started last game I am buying from these guys.
  2. Another 2-3 weeks till this is fixed.
  3. Yes after the patch 1.02 on PlayStation Just faced this as well. nearly a month now and have not played this game more than a couple of hours. what a shame. Worst launch of any Klie game.
  4. PlayStation has not even received a patch yet since launch.
  5. I’ve haven’t played this game more than a few hours after launch on PS4. (Due to the bugs and crashes and effect on console) More than 2 weeks and no sign of a patch. Great game but bad launch. Very disappointed.
  6. Any update when we can get the patch on PlayStation? because majority of us on PlayStation have stopped playing it due to this data base rebuilding issue. i bought it on day one and haven’t touched it after the initial 40 hours.
  7. The following are number of issues and bugs I have been facing while playing griftlands on PlayStation. Hope they can be resolved soon and patched up. some are game breaking while others are harmful to the console while others are breaking the immersion. 1: database rebuild on restart if griftland was played before turning PlayStation off. (Harmful to HDD) 2: no way to see or check current quest. No button for it and it doesn’t appear any where. 3: options settings are reset on every restart of the game. E.g: remember to not remind that player has action point left before ending turn. ( this gets reset every now and then) 4: cannot see the card that is dropped on kill when viewing an npc stats you can only hear what the npc sounds like no other option is available 5: at start of round if you have ability to discard card or cards you can not reverse it. That is to get the selected discard card back into your hand. 6: smith negotiation tutorial does not pop up, but Battle tutorial does. (In introduction mode difficulty) 7: smith boss fight = crash. Cannot progress further. 8: cannot see the original card in card upgrade screen because upgrade help text obscures it. 9: cannot see any fight animation due to cards in hand are in front and obscures 70% of the screen. 10: if you have multiple arguments buffs in negotiation screen. The top most arguments numbers and text might glitch and your can not read them due to them over lapping with some other asset of the game.
  8. I totally agree with this. The one thing I didn’t like is the map. funny thing is in 2017 e3 trailer they showed the game in early stages. And the map in that version was awesome. the release version map in my opinion is a let down.
  9. Same issues exist on the PlayStation too. don’t know when they will fix it.
  10. So I unlocked Smith on PlayStation. and started his story on the learning mode (introduction level) and not level 1 this way I am suppose to get tutorial for the character for the first fight and negotiation I did the combat tutorial but never got to see tutorial for the negotiation part. Does it not exist in game or is this just another of the many bugs?
  11. Same issue. if I play another game and turn off PlayStation and turn it on again it will not rebuild data base. but if I played griftlands 100% it will rebuild data base. this can do real harm to our HDD. need a patch to fix this ASAP. i will be avoiding playing this game till this issue is fixed. Can’t risk my PlayStation. there are numerous other bugs that needs to be looked into but this should be priority one!