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Earlier this year, a bunch of us decided on a whim to do a game jam & make a Griftlands fan-game - so now with the actual game fully released, we thought sharing our little creation was the perfect way to celebrate and thank the devs for an awesome Early Access! :love_heart:

Thriftlands on ◄ ►


We held the game jam in February of 2021 with a team of about 20 participants -- and all but about 3-4 of us were touching game development/a game jam for the first time. It was a wild ride since we hadn't run a jam before either, and due to life events couldn't share it sooner -- but we couldn't be more excited to share it now!

Special thanks to all the participants (in no particular order)!
• Sei Bellissima • Newbiespud • RLHummel • Pika22 • The Wildman of Borneo • Warlepidoptera • sbuggbot • Steamerclaw • VeryRussianCorn • WrenchInThePlan • TazzMChazz • YellowShadeOfBlue • Wumpasaurus • JinxCrest101 • BonkboyDerp • M. Hiko • Fymir27 • OneTinyBee • TaschDraws

I cannot thank everyone enough for their hard work (especially @Fymir27 and @onetinybee as my fellow organizers)!

We held this fan-made jam both for fun, and as a love letter to the devs at Klei for their dedication and passion, and the journey of bringing the world of Havaria to life. Griftlands holds an incredibly special place in all our hearts, but we can’t express our love enough for the people behind it. We’ve been fans from Early Access, Alpha, even from the start. Now, here we are at the 1.0 release, and we could not be more proud of you all.

♥ Thank you for inspiring us. ♥

With love,

Your Fans

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On 6/8/2021 at 11:39 AM, Kevin said:

So good!

I'm especially proud of everyone for whom this was their first jam. Game jams are really hard, but you learn so much!

Thanks Kevin! They really did rock it, I'm still so impressed :D
We hope the team enjoys it as well!

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