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  1. concepts concepts concepts ! We have a Bog Mantid thing (counterpart to the Krill, thank you Hummel). Some poison dart kra'deshi, comfy down-time clothes and a modern/crime Au Arint. and a small bonus Galth
  2. It took me way too long to get this joke but hey... bad jokes are my kind of thing so...
  3. It is time for another dump of a few things I drew in the past days/weeks
  4. It's been a while since I posted more so I will once again just dump the things I did Enjoy
  5. From Saturday's Aggie it was once again a lot of fun
  6. Some doodles I did yesterday, as well as two pictures featureing the best dancer in Havaria
  7. Another Day, another Aggie Thanks to all the folks who joined in on this idea. Yes, there will be more.
  8. Happy New Year and onwards to even more cool stuff in Havaria
  9. Yesterdays Aggie plus todays Doodles. Comfort Doodles
  10. Hello Yes I really like Fralx and Threekwa. 10/10 Bosses and Best Friends
  11. Oh interesting. Might think of Plundak as Chaos though. Aaaand Phinoon as Achilles with Pengemunt as Patroclos just... why? Rather have there... idk. Threekwa and Fralx or Goni and Durno
  12. Phroluk and the crossover noone expected. GriftlandsXHades
  13. The Tidestrider. One of the fiercest predators of Havaria. A fast and enduring runner, it feasts preferably on Oshnus and their eggs. Its long neck perfect for reaching even the last parts of flesh hidden inside the shell of its prey. Hunted down for a long time as the striders started to go for the tamed Oshnus and their farmers, it was thought to be extinct, yet some still live in secluded areas of the havarian seaside. The Cult of Hesh made use of them, seeing their great hunger as a sign of Hesh. Revered Luminari were tasked with finding and training Tidestrider and the few that succeeded, were called Tidebreaker, awarded with a new weapon and a modified armour. A Luminari adorned with the feathers of a Tidestrider is respected and feared at the same time. I love this game way too much and I will probably not stop to care for it this much in the near future.
  14. I am still so happy, whenever I look a this postcard. Thank you a billion times again! Griftlands does motivate me to draw a lot. But not only that... I also started writing again and putting a lot of effort into original characters for this game. So I will post them here as well. Cill (Admiralty) and Rhiss (Spree). Once childhood friends, they had to go different paths. Both are depicted with some characters that had a greater impact on their lives.