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Is this a unique world gen?

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A world seed is a string of random characters based on which the generator generates the world.

 I've neve used it in DST, but i remember seeing a post about it. And after a bit of research, this mod [API] Gem Core(Now with World Seeds!) lets you insert this string before you generate a new world.

I'm testing it if it works (might not work across versions or platforms). Nevertheless, it's possible to see what your world seed is with this command:


and it shows here:


... So, I tested it and for some reason it didn't add the seed on my first try (dunno why), but it did work on my second try and i got the exact same worldgen.

So it seems to work across versions (at least across versions that don't add new biomes).

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18 hours ago, DaZoul said:


i forgot to quote Well-met in my original response and i wanted him to get a notification. I also thought it would merge with my original response, and thereby be understood as a forgotten quote.

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