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  1. Please klei, make it so that the iron hulk parts can be united and become a new-boss that would be a really could side-boss
  2. Bug about create game in Don't Starve ROG

    Hey. I think the problem was solved with today's "11/20/2018" update, i was having that problem as well but it's fixed now, after the update.
  3. New World Bug again

    Also happens to me.
  4. So i can't do a perfect union between shipwrecked and RoG after the Hamlet launch. There are only 2 seasons if i start on a RoG world (Autumn and Winter) and my world preferences aren't aplied.
  5. Issue with Hamlet

    Don't know what happened, but it's fixed now, Probably a fault on my PC. Thank you for your time. FYI: Before starting Hamlet i could see that screen with the controls for the controller, but after starting the world it stopped recognizing my controller until i rebooted the game.
  6. Yeah, to me only autumn and winter are showing up even if i start on summer. And it looks like my world options aren't being saved.
  7. Issue with Hamlet

    I know that, my controller works fine on shipwrecked and RoG but not on Hamlet.
  8. Issue with Hamlet

    So, whenever i start a new, or even load a hamlet world, my xbox one controller will not be recognized on my PC anymore. So basically i can't play Hamlet with my controller.